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New Media Generates Business-to-Business Leads 

Embedded Web site presentations are effective tools for creating pre-qualified sales leads. PresenterNet’s unique interactive presentation capabilities create the most successful business-to-business lead generation online.

Generation of new leads requires short, concise on-demand voice-narrated presentations. Created initially as Microsoft PowerPoint online, they are otherwise dramatically different from live sales presentations and Webinars.

New Web Site Advertising Media

On-demand lead generation presentations may be embedded in Web pages, or visitors can access them directly from email links to standalone Web addresses. Either way, they perform lead generation more effectively than conventional Web pages or online videos.

Unlike standard Web pages, on-demand presentations focus viewer attention on short, concise pre-designed business messages, delivered by voice, and supported by photos, images, text and music. The narrator speaks in a friendly one-on-one manner, and asks a few questions that viewers can quickly answer by clicking, moving sliders or entering a few text characters. If viewers want more information, they request it by leaving their contact information. In this way, the on-demand presentation moves visitors from the Web page into the sales funnel.

Powerful Interactive Slides

Through use of PresenterNet’s interactive slides, these presentations capture onscreen responses from viewers, including contact requests, prospect interests and preferences. Companies and individual users can access reports at anytime and view or print lists of interested viewers who have entered their contact information. Typically, lists will also include responses by each viewer that indicate their degree of interest, and special areas that attracted them.

Business-to-business lead generation presentations are extremely effective as Web site advertising vehicles. Unlike most Web advertising, they create viewer participation and capture vital information from self-qualified prospects.

For detailed instructions on developing interactive business-to-business lead generation presentations, please send email to

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