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Interactivity Enhances eLearning Online Training

Training professionals who offer live lectures online can enhance their effectiveness by using PresenterNet as their eLearning online training software. The system’s interactive capabilities provide major advantages and flexibility in teaching techniques.

Interactive Online Training

Instructors using PresenterNet as their eLearning system add interactive elements to any slide viewed as they lecture. These interactive elements—called InterActors—can be checkboxes or radio buttons to enable multiple choice responses. They may also be open boxes for text input, or sliders used to position a response within a range, such as a “1-10 rating.”

Whenever an instructor has set up a slide to be interactive, students respond onscreen as requested. The instructor can view all of the responses as they occur, displayed with each student’s name. The system simultaneously captures and stores all responses in a database for follow-up reporting and analysis.

These capabilities offer great advantages for instructors. They keep students engaged, since every lecture audience member can expect a response request at any time. They also enable students to participate in the learning experience by making requests. For example, an instructor might offer a series of discussion choices, and view student feedback to shape the presentation’s direction.

Flexible Teaching Methods

Instructors can also use interactive slides to quiz participants to ensure that they understand material, or to require them to apply it in a specified context. This online teaching activity can actually be more effective than face-to-face environments where only a few students respond orally. By using PresenterNet’s interactive eLearning online training software to drive the process, the instructor can require all students to answer independently. This involves every participant, rather than only a few people asked to respond in a conventional lecture hall.

These techniques also provide reports on all responses to evaluate student understanding, enabling the instructor to make changes in follow-up sessions. Instructors at any level can take advantage of interactive online training while collecting information useful for follow-on quizzes and tests.

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