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Web Conferencing Solutions Ensure Compliance

Financial consulting users confront legal issues, requiring unique capabilities for online Web conferencing. Whether they are presenting slides as part of a conventional business conference call or an interactive Webinar, slides must meet requirements set by law and by regulatory agencies.

PresenterNet offers unique capabilities that are especially significant in legal or regulatory compliance environments. Our system time-stamps and date-stamps every login and every presentation slide communicated to every audience member in every online session. This permanent action-content-time record creates an audit trail that proves that slides include required disclaimer language. To address additional legal issues, the audit trail establishes the precise content viewed by every participant. The system’s interactive slides can also require a participant response to acknowledge receipt of information on that slide.

A Pre-Approved Presentation Library

Financial consulting companies with extended groups of financial advisors maintain approved presentations in their PresenterNet online libraries. In this environment every financial advisor has a private online conference room but only uses pre-approved media from the company’s library. This ensures that every slide is approved as compliant.

A Robust Audit Trail

Clients and prospects log into a presentation—a Webinar, group meeting, or individual data collection session—with every login and every slide captured within the audit trail. As the presentation progresses, participants may respond to information requests like establishing their financial goals, strategies, current investments, etc. Each financial advisor can access this information for follow-up actions. If and when actions result in a financial transaction, the company has proof of what information was presented by the financial advisor, and interactive responses that acknowledge the respondents’ understanding.

These unique capabilities offer the industry’s only Web conferencing solution with built-in tools for regulatory compliance.

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