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Interactive Video Creates High-Impact Messages

Video has become one of the most effective ways of delivering online messaging. Interactive video on PresenterNet makes the medium much more powerful.

Offering Dialog and Viewer Options

Ordinary videos tell a story in one way only, regardless of viewer preferences. But viewers of interactive videos respond to dialog from a narrator, and redirect the video’s story to their interests. For example, a marketing video may show an array of products. If the video is interactive on PresenterNet however, the video’s narrated voice can ask viewers for feedback: “Does this product interest you?” Are you interested in others like this, or would you like to discuss something else?” “If you’d like a free sample, please enter your shipping address.” “Would you like us to call you?” Using interactive video capabilities unique to PresenterNet, Web site users capture viewer inputs and generate reports that reveal strategic trends and follow-up actions.

No Special Software Needed

Creating interactive video for PresenterNet requires only PowerPoint, JPEG photos and graphics, optional video, music and voice audio files. Each scene is confined to 1-2 slides, with motion created through extensive use of animations. When uploaded to PresenterNet, all scenes are converted to individual Flash movies and merged for fast, smooth scene-to-scene transitions.

Account owners use PresenterNet tools to place interactive objects that enable viewers to respond to narrator questions, or select alternative subjects. Special graphics like text boxes, viewer-settable sliders, check boxes, and buttons accept viewer responses, and route them for database capture and reporting.

Interactivity Makes Videos More Powerful

Videos have become a major media tool for training, sales, online marketing and entertainment. With PresenterNet interactive capabilities, videos engage viewers during delivery while capturing and reporting their preferences.

For detailed instructions on developing interactive videos, please send email to

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