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Internet Marketing Software Transforms Focus Groups

PresenterNet users create interactive focus groups online without investing in Internet marketing software. Focus groups that meet online can be more effective than face-to-face gatherings since participants respond without bias from responses of other group members.
By conducting groups online, market researchers can schedule participants without traveling, thereby creating more immediate and responsive findings. Online focus groups are far less expensive to conduct since they require no travel or formal group meeting room.

Interactive Online Responses

By operating groups online through PresenterNet, marketers also ensure that every individual group input is automatically captured for processing, and correctly related to each respondent. Key to success in this application is effective use of interactive slides. Online audience participants consider moderator requests such as feedback on a product or an advertising campaign. They may view photos, text, videos, or graphics that the moderator explains in a conference call setting. The moderator mutes participants and speaks alone, unless there is a specific reason for the group to hear voices of other members. Ultimately the moderator asks for feedback from each individual without bias of knowing the responses of others.

Captured in the Database

The PresenterNet system captures all onscreen responses entered through interactive slides. Responses may be multiple choice checkboxes, single-choice radio buttons, sliders that express a value range, or text inputs. A database captures all focus group responses that are formatted as reports for export and further sorting.

By capturing interactive responses for reporting, PresenterNet provides the basic Internet marketing software needed to compare results for follow-up analysis.

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