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An Exciting New Medium for Online Advertising

PresenterNet Showrooms now enable an exciting new Web advertising medium that is affordable by any company that needs to sell online. These highly animated, narrated presentations offer performance like videos with many additional advantages such as:
  • Low-cost creation and setup without special software skills
  • Interactive capabilities to capture viewers' onscreen inputs
  • Capabilities for viewers to choose from multiple subjects
  • Edits and updates without Web site specialists
  • High-resolution, full screen viewing

Interactive Web Advertising

This Web advertising medium begins with extensively animated Microsoft PowerPoint online slides that are converted to Flash movies by PresenterNet. The system adds integration of interactive elements that enable viewers to respond to questions or select subjects that interest them. The end result is a high-quality, effective viewer experience. Each Web advertising element flows rapidly and smoothly like a narrated video, pausing only when the speaker asks a question or offers viewer choices.
This kind of Web advertising can be created and maintained by anyone who needs to sell online. Optionally, users can rely on an Internet marketing service that can assist in message creation, design and integration.

Easy Updating and Editing

When any information in the presentation needs updating or editing, individual users can make changes without changing the Web page itself. All media resides inside of PresenterNet, although visitors view it through a Showroom player embedded on the company’s Web page. This enables users to edit a slide as though it is an individual movie frame, uploading it to PresenterNet for placement.
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