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Images Enhance Telesales Business Conference Calls

Telesales150Telesales applications produce more closed business when integrated with PresenterNet. Participants on a business conference call understand discussions far better if they view presentation images and data while listening. By adding interactive slides, presenters maintain audience attention as they capture feedback for follow-up actions.

Self-Qualified Prospect Leads

A full-function telesales application may begin with leads captured by a PresenterNet Showroom player embedded in a Web page. Web visitors view a short, narrated interactive presentation online. When they enter contact information to request more information, telesales people receive immediate email leads, often enabling a phone call during the same Web page visit.

Along with a prospect name and contact information, telesales users may receive information such as prospect questions and preferences. This information enables sales people to be responsive and customize their phone conversations.

Presentations Available Immediately

Wherever appropriate, telesales people can also link prospects to any presentation in their online library. This immediate availability enables them to present a detailed response within minutes of the prospect’s information request. By responding while the information remains fresh in the prospect’s mind, telesales people have the best possible opportunity to convert every contact to a sale. In this way, PresenterNet makes every telesales presentation far more productive than a business conference call presentation or an outbound cold call.


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