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YouTube Becomes a Business Tool with PresenterNet

Combining YouTube with interactive presentations on PresenterNet creates a hybrid medium that communicates in a new way. YouTube videos alone can’t deliver detailed information, but they can add full-motion authenticity to online presentations. Interactive presentations are great for telling a full business story, and they reposition YouTube as a business tool. (Click the image at right for a short demo.) 

Easy to Use App

PresenterNet’s YouTube app enables users to easily add any YouTube video to any slide in their online libraries. Adding a YouTube video is easy, as shown in our Tech Note with illustrated instructions. To make video use more flexible, presenters can end videos at any point. This capability enables them to use only as much of the video as desired, without waiting for the entire video to run. For example, viewing the first 30 seconds of a famous movie scene might provide an effective inspirational moment, while a full 3-minute interlude might be longer than a presenter desires. 

The YouTube app is equally useful in both live conferences like webinars, and on-demand pre-recorded presentations. Some presenters search for existing videos, while others create their own custom video sequences for upload to their own YouTube channel. 

Innovative Uses

YouTube videos within presentations serve numerous roles. Clips of famous speakers or celebrities can serve as audience inspiration vehicles. Custom videos can feature hands on demonstrations, customer endorsements, or executive messages. YouTube’s many humorous clips can be interspersed as pace-changers or for their entertainment value.

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