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Interactive Slides Capture Onscreen Audience Responses

Proprietary PresenterNet interactive slide technology creates a more powerful way to present marketing Webinars, online eLearning, or online PowerPoint sales presentations. When users make PowerPoint slides interactive with PresenterNet, they transform audience members into active participants. Instead of a one-way lecture, each presentation becomes an online session where presenters get immediate feedback on key questions, or learn about the interests of their audiences.


Proprietary InterActor Technology

Audience members answer questions, provide feedback, or enter information, using PresenterNet's proprietary InterActors. InterActors are special graphics added to slides to accommodate mouse clicks, slider settings, item selection, or typed text. Presenters view inputs from all participants as they respond, while the information is also stored in a database for later use.

Presenters using InterActors raise their presentations to an exciting new level. As audience members become participants, they view every slide with a high level of understanding. Realizing that they may be called upon to add feedback; or that their responses may elicit comments; audience members pay close attention. Research demonstrates that these participants retain far more information than they would gain from traditional lecture output.

New Value for Presenters

Information captured from Web conferencing audience members adds additional value to the presenter. The stored information can be transferred to other programs, without requiring additional keyboarding. For example, sales people can collect contact information without having to type it after each presentation. In training environments, presenters can actually quiz trainees onscreen and record each student's responses evaluation.

Well-planned interactive presentations can also capture information about user needs that become part of a customized follow-up response. For example, a presentation attendee may ask for additional information, or specify needs to create a sales order.

Using Interactive Slides to Develop New Business

Interactive slides help presenters to sell or to generate new leads for follow-up. Their audience members remain deeply engaged, especially when they understand that their personal contributions are immediately entered into the system. Unlike one-way, lecture-only web conferencing and presentations, interactive slides added to PowerPoint can be used to guide the presentation's focus. In many cases, customers re-direct the emphasis of a presentation by pinpointing a solution they are seeking. Instead of sitting through numerous general-purpose messages, they respond onscreen and guide the presenter to address their specific needs.

In other scenarios, sales people display interactive slides that transform the presentation into an actual order-taking session. When important details are still fresh, the interactive presentation provides an ideal environment for customers to furnish details for actual purchase orders, RFQ's, RFP's, investment portfolio recommendations, etc.

Many salespeople initiate their online presentations with interactive slides that collect customer-specific data for profiling. For example, a financial advisor may offer numerous products addressing a broad range of investor profiles. However, a far more compelling presentation will result when a client interactively furnishes essential information like investment goals, current investments, portfolio size, etc., to transform the presentation into a custom-tailored portfolio review. Interactive data gathering in this situation can therefore result in specific recommendations, and follow-up actions.

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