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The PresenterNet Advantage

Manage Online Media Assets

PresenterNet provides the industry’s only online media management solution for Web conferencing and online presentation applications. Organizations with multiple presenters rely on PresenterNet to ensure that all presenters use the same pre-approved online media. PresenterNet’s online media management audit trail enables corporate management to prove that all presentations have met regulatory compliance requirements, and that presenters have provided customers with correct, current information. These capabilities are especially important in legally sensitive environments. For example, financial organizations that enable telephone sales representatives to offer online presentations need a telesales solution that records all presented online information and responses. PresenterNet's online media management audit trail provides the perfect solution.


How it Works

Media Asset Management links all of an organization’s presenters to a single online library of slides and other media. The system logs every presenter action and provides time and date stamped records of every audience member’s login; every slide sent and received; and every audience member’s responses. An authorized administrator controls all presentation material stored in the online library. This single-control point provides several organizational benefits, such as:
  • Ensuring that all company messages are consistent.
  • Updating immediately so that all presenters use correct versions.
  • Freeing presenters from managing and creating new materials.
  • Proving that all slides meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Legal Proof of Presentation Content

PresenterNet’s online media management provides users with legal proof of the information presented matched to each presentation event and the audience members who viewed it. All slides uploaded to PresenterNet are time and date stamped when they enter PresenterNet. Media cannot be altered after that point in time, proving that information on the slide is the actual information viewed in a presentation.

Each slide also receives a permanent database number, which is recorded with the name of every host and visitor who views it on any given date. This proves conclusively that the information presented to any audience member is the precise information on the original uploaded slide.

Research proves that a significant amount of organizational information is stored exclusively on presentation media. PresenterNet's Media Asset Management provides all of the tools needed to control access, ensure accuracy, and prove informational content after material is presented.

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