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A Perfect Bridge to Microsoft PowerPoint Online

Whenever marketing and training professionals need the impact of high quality slide presentations to promote their programs, Microsoft PowerPoint online through PresenterNet provides the path to success. This powerful combination offers flexibility for users to make instantaneous changes, without support of Webmasters or technical specialists. By simply uploading new Microsoft PowerPoint slides online, PresenterNet users maintain can edit and update their content.

Presenting Microsoft PowerPoint online makes Web sites more effective. When Web site owners need visitors to focus on coordinated multi-media messaging, Microsoft PowerPoint online is the world's most popular choice. Users already maintain millions of PowerPoint presentation files, so they have no need for new content to present online.

Live or On-Demand Presentations

PresenterNet provides the platform to make Microsoft PowerPoint online presentations successful. Users can present live to online audiences, and their participants can join quickly and easily with just a few clicks. If they prefer to present automatically with pre-recorded slides, PresenterNet's on-demand Showroom player can be embedded on a Web page or accessed directly through a unique Web address. The Showroom player enables PresenterNet users to offer any presentation in their online libraries to be viewed anywhere, 24 X 7.

Conversion to Flash Movie Format

When users upload Microsoft PowerPoint files for online use, each slide is converted into a Flash movie. Though online slides appear exactly like the original Microsoft PowerPoint, the file size of each slide is much smaller, so they execute much faster and more effectively. The Showroom player enables slides to be animated and change so smoothly that the viewer experience is often similar to a full-screen, high resolution video.

PresenterNet adds many other capabilities to ensure that Microsoft PowerPoint online presentations optimize business and training results. Slides can have voice narration embedded in them, and the full presentation can have background music. User's can also make slides interactive using PresenterNet's proprietary InterActors. This enables capturing user information in a database, for valuable management reporting.
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