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The PresenterNet Advantage

Anyone can Access PresenterNet - from Anywhere

PresenterNet customers and their Web conferencing audience members can choose their browsers, whether they prefer Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) , Firefox, Safari, Opera, or others. Compatible with Macintosh, Windows or Linux, PresenterNet is available online from any computer or browser.

 Internet Explorer
 Firefox  Safari (MAC)

Cross-browser compatibility is a major PresenterNet advantage, because many competitive Web conferencing systems require Internet Explorer, and will not work properly with other browsers. Many other Web conferencing systems require special browser settings, and do not support a full range of capabilities.

The PresenterNet team strives to maintain cross-browser compatibility as an ongoing strategy. As the major browser vendors release new products, PresenterNet works with users to ensure that we retain full functionality.

The Importance of Cross-Browser, Cross Platform Compatibility

Because audience members can easily connect regardless of the browser they are using, Presenters can be confident that their audience members are fully engaged as soon as they sign-in. Cross-browser compatibility eliminates potential start-up chaos caused by frantic audience messages about technical problems. With PresenterNet there is little or no need for technical support, because every browser works without special settings or software.

Cross-browser compatibility is a cornerstone of PresenterNet's technology strategy, because Web conferencing is an outbound function that reaches new users and audience members every day. Full-service Web conferencing requires that all new participants must be immediately able to view onscreen media and take advantage of PresenterNet's many rich features.

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