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Application Showrooms Overview

PresenterNet Showrooms provide an exciting on-demand companion to every account's live presentation capabilities. Showroom technology delivers animated PowerPoint slides that flow as smoothly as professional video productions. Users embed the Showroom’s player onto their Web pages, or display them at standalone Web addresses. Either way, viewers can access them 24 X 7.

Every PresenterNet account has one free Showroom. Account holders can add additional Showrooms as their needs grow. Showrooms display multimedia presentations to deliver sharply focused interactive messaging. Showroom presentations embedded in Web pages make them far more effective than an ordinary Web page. Yet these presentations can be created and continually updated by any of the 40-million people who use PowerPoint worldwide. Users simply upload PowerPoint files to their online PresenterNet library, and set them up for Showroom operation with a few clicks.

Once presentations are uploaded to PresenterNet, users can set them to advance smoothly and automatically, with accompanying voice narration and background music. They can also make slides interactive, enabling them to capture and store onscreen responses from viewers.

Showroom Features

Web page embedding: PresenterNet provides full information and embedding code to be copied into a Web page to position the Showroom player. Any uploaded presentation can then be selected to run through the player; edited and updated by a PresenterNet user.

Unique Web address: If Showroom Players are not embedded in a Web Page, viewers can access them through a unique Web link. Users then promote their Showroom presentation with email invitations and online advertising.

Interactive data capture: Users add PresenterNet InterActors to their Showroom slides to capture viewer responses that are stored in a database for management reporting.

Voice narration: Users can optionally add voice narration to their presentations, enabling viewers to listen to the messaging as they view each slide.

Search engine optimization (SEO): Account holders can attract visitors to their Showroom presentations. They select keywords that create optimized listings from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Easy updates: Featured Showroom presentations receive immediate user updates, whenever the user substitutes replacement slides or whole new presentations.

Password protection option: Users can limit viewers by selecting a password protection option.

Multiple Showrooms: Account holders can post multiple presentations by adding additional showrooms. All Showrooms share the same presentation library, making it easy to manage a variety of Showroom presentations from a single online location.

Showroom Applications

Showrooms enable numerous applications, available ONLY on PresenterNet. For detailed descriptions, please go to Showroom Applications.

General Uses

Webinar Marketing: Showrooms enable effective promotion of live Web conferencing and Webinar events. Companies or individual professionals promote their programs with search engine advertising (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.) including clickable links that bring the viewer directly to a showroom with a "teaser" presentation and a registration page.

After-Event Follow-up: Showrooms provide an answer to requests from audience members for copies of a slide presentation. Attendees can review slides immediately following a program at the Web address of the Showroom. A Showroom presentation is more useful and convenient than other methods of after-event posting because it provides the actual images from the Webinar, and may be voice-narrated.

Online Product Information: Showroom presentations can serve as interactive online brochures. New prospects not yet interested in a full-scale presentation, very often request material to acquaint them with a company's capabilities or products. Showrooms offer viewer-driven presentations with focused information. Salespeople often follow introductory calls with a thank you email containing a Showroom link to develop further interest.

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