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PresenterNet Works Great With Skype™!

PresenterNet fully supports Skype™ for voice conferencing needs. Skype™ is a large, Internet telephony company that offers free services. As an online presenter you can download and install Skype™ software on your PC free of charge. With Skype™, you can call any other Skype™ user anywhere in the world -- free! You can also place calls to conventional phones anywhere in the world at very low rates--often less than 2¢ per minute.

Add PresenterNet Slides to Skype™ Calls 

Any Skype™ user can add PresenterNet presentations to a business conference call, to display multimedia slides. Audience particpants can instantly connect to the interactive Web conference with a simple link and a password, without prescheduling or downloading software. Using Skype™ in this mode enables business conference calls that communicate far better than voice alone. And PresenterNet's interactive slide capabilities enable participants to record meeting votes, and responses to graphics, diagrams and photos.

Use Skype™ for International Presentations Online

For PresenterNet users, Skype calling is a great option for handling the voice portion of Web conferencing presentations to international locations. You can call single individuals or conference up to five users together, including the presenter. Call quality is excellent, and the price is extremely low, compared to traditional telephone rates.

Skype™ offers:

  • Free peer-to-peer VoIP calling anywhere in the world to other Skype™ users
  • Free conferencing for up to 5 people
  • Low cost ( < 2¢ per min! ) calling to regular telephone numbers in 22 countries
  • Instant messaging during your presentation
  • File transfer during your presentation

The Best of Two Worlds

Combining Skype™ with PresenterNet provides the best of two worlds. For Skype™ users, PresenterNet adds visual communications, and captures interactive onscreen responses. For PresenterNet users, Skype™ offers a free (or low cost), high quality business conference call capability that enables international calling across multiple countries.
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