Are South Sea pearls worth it?

Are South Sea pearls worth it?

South Sea pearls are considered the most valuable. They are also the largest pearl variety on the market. A strand of South Sea pearls can range from $1,000 to over $100,000.

Is South Sea pearl real?

South Sea pearls are generally much larger than other pearl types and have a unique luster quality – a soft reflection due to the large aragonite platelets that make up the pearl. They also have the thickest average nacre of all cultured pearls. These factors make South Seas both distinctive and valuable.

Are South Sea pearls rare?

Rarity – Fine & Gem Quality Because South Sea Pearls form over longer periods of time, they are more costly to cultivate. For this reason, there are a limited number of South Sea pearl farms, making the truly prized South Seas exceptionally rare.

How can you tell quality of South Sea pearl?

With Pure’s South Sea necklace collection, you’ll often see necklaces with grades that will look like “AA/AAA Quality” and/or “AAA/AAAA Quality” in their descriptions. These “intermediate” grades are given to pearl strands when the pearls almost-but-not-quite make it to a whole letter grade like AAA Quality.

What is the most expensive color of South Sea pearl?

Pearls produced by the gold-lip South Sea pearl oyster range is colors from a creamy white to a deep gold. The varying hues in between are often referred to as yellow and champagne. Each of the colors may be beautiful in their own right, but the most valuable is gold.

How long do South Sea pearls last?

South Sea pearls have extremely thick nacre, and will maintain their luster and beauty for many years all on their own. Below is a list of 8 simple rules to follow to care for your South Sea pearls. Pearls on Last: make sure that your pearl jewelry is the last part of your outfit you put on.

Are South Sea pearls dyed?

Currently, the method can only be found in the South Sea pearls. And some golden South Sea pearls are dyed and even look more beautiful than natural golden ones.

What are golden pearls?

Golden South Sea pearls are among the largest, most valuable pearls produced today. They are grown in the gold-lip variety of the Pinctada maxima, South Sea pearl oyster. Their warm, golden tones are completely natural, and no treatments are needed to enjoy the beauty of these luxurious gems.

What are Kasumi pearls?

Cultured freshwater pearls from Japan’ Lake Kasumi ga Ura. Japan Kasumi pearls are cultivated in a hybrid freshwater mussel, which is a cross of the Hyriopsis cumingii / Hyriopsis schlegelii species. The sizes of the pearls range from 9-13mm, although most are between 10-12mm.