Does Vandenberg AFB have on base housing?

Does Vandenberg AFB have on base housing?

Welcome to Vandenberg Family Homes. Located at Vandenberg Space Force Base, Vandenberg Family Homes is a gated residential community offering a variety of rental home styles to active duty Space Force families assigned to the base.

Where should I live if stationed at Vandenberg AFB?

The three biggest cities near Vandenberg are Lompoc, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara. Lompoc is a smaller city, but it’s closest to base. Santa Maria and Santa Barbara are farther away, though still within driving distance, and each have a population of around 100,000 people.

Can civilians live on Vandenberg AFB?

In addition to your option to purchase and rent housing in the local community, you now may choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Balfour Beatty Communities.

What is Vandenberg AFB known for?

Established in 1941, Vandenberg Space Force Base is a space launch base, launching spacecraft from the Western Range, and also performs missile testing. The United States Space Force’s Space Launch Delta 30 serves as the host delta for the base.

Is Vandenberg AFB a good base?

Vandenberg AFB is just north of Lompoc, and makes a nice diversion if you can access the base. Whenever we travel the coast, we always stop on base for lunch at one of the quickie food outlets. An Air Force Inn provides lodging (providing you qualify), which we utilized when touring La Purisima Park.

Can you visit Vandenberg Air Force Base?

Monthly tours are on the third Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. The Space Launch Delta 30 Space Wing Public Affairs also provides a quarterly tour to the Space and Missile Heritage Center located at the historic Space Launch Complex-10. The center also serves as the base museum. Tours are limited to 30 visitors.

Is Vandenberg a good place to live?

Vandenberg Village is a quiet and safe place to live, for the most part (there has been an increase mail theft recently). The walking trail is great to have, and the farmer’s market on Sundays is awesome. Traffic around the schools in the morning, lunchtime, and afternoon is chaotic, avoid it if you can.

How many people work at Vandenberg Air Force Base?

There are 2600 Air Force personnel assigned, 3800 family members, 1500 DoD civilians/NAF, 2800 contractors and approximately 8,000 retirees.

How far is Vandenberg AFB from the beach?

The distance between Pismo Beach and Vandenberg Air Force Base is 28 miles.

How many people go to Vandenberg?

Base Population Vandenberg supports a population greater than 18,000 (military, family members, contractors, and civilian employees).