Has a football player died on the field?

Has a football player died on the field?

During an ordinary game against the Chicago Bears, Hughes suddenly collapsed. In front of a packed stadium, he tragically became the first and, to date only, NFL player to die on the field.

Who is number 58 on the Kansas City Chiefs?

Derrick Thomas

No. 58
NFL Draft: 1989 / Round: 1 / Pick: 4
Career history
Kansas City Chiefs (1989–1999)
Career highlights and awards

What NFL players beat their wives?

The NFL suspended Baltimore running back Ray Rice for two games following a domestic violence case in February of that year in which Rice struck his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, in an Atlantic City, New Jersey, elevator.

Does Kansas City Chiefs have a female kicker?

On Her Turf: Chiefs’ Jayne Martin paves way for women in sports | NBC Sports.

What percentage of NFL players have a criminal record?

A new book claims 21 percent of NFL players have committed serious crimes and the league takes little note of the questionable backgrounds of its players.

Has anyone died during a hockey game?

He is the only player in NHL history to die as a direct result of injuries suffered during a game, the result of massive head injuries suffered following a hit during a January 13, 1968 contest against the Oakland Seals.

What NFL player just got a DUI?

RB Josh Jacobs

Who died on the Chiefs?

“His legacy will leave an enduring impact on sports journalism, the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs, and their fans,” Paylor’s fianceé said. Prominent pro football journalist Terez Paylor died suddenly at age 37, his fiancée said Tuesday.

What NFL players are in jail?

American football (gridiron)

Name Team when arrested Crime
Dwayne Goodrich Dallas Cowboys Criminally negligent homicide
Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson Retired Sexual assault, bribery
Darryl Henley Los Angeles Rams Drug trafficking, attempted conspiracy to commit murder
Aaron Hernandez New England Patriots First-degree murder

Who did Chiefs lose to this year?

Los Angeles Chargers

Who did Ray Rice punch?


Who is the Chiefs all time leading tackler?


What NFL player killed someone?

Aaron Josef Hernandez

Are football players more violent?

Results showed that only football players and wrestlers were significantly more likely to get involved in a serious fight than other athletes. In fact, they were 40% more likely to be aggressive, even off the field. Athletes of other sports showed no association with aggression.

How many NFL players have domestic violence charges?

One of the NFL’s biggest problems off the field is domestic violence, according to Jon Shuppe from NBC News, over the last 14 years there have been 87 arrests involving 80 football players.

What NFL player killed his wife?

Belcher died on December 1, 2012 in a murder-suicide, slaying his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins, before driving to the Chiefs’ training facility and shooting himself in the head with a handgun….Jovan Belcher.

No. 59
Weight: 228 lb (103 kg)
Career information
High school: West Babylon (NY)
College: Maine