How can I get Lipa na M-PESA?

Application for Mpesa Till Number as Sole Proprietor Requirements

How can I get Lipa na M-PESA?

Application for Mpesa Till Number as Sole Proprietor Requirements

  1. Copy of Cancelled cheque or letter from bank stating bank details as per certificate of registration.
  2. Copy of Certificate of Registration or Business Permit No.
  3. Copy of Individual KRA PIN Certificate.
  4. Copy of National ID – Back.
  5. Copy of National ID – Front.

How do I reverse wrong M-PESA transaction?

To request for an M-PESA reversal via SMS to 456:

  1. After completing the transaction, please send the whole message to 456.
  2. You will receive a response from “Reversal” that the request for a reversal has been started, and that an update will be shared within 2 hours.

How do I activate my till number?

Getting Started on the M-PESA Business Till You will then need to Activate the till using the Nominated number. You can activate via USSD by dialing *234# and Select Option 2: M-PESA Business Till then enter the store number of the till received from SMS after Application.

How do I reverse money sent to the wrong account number?

In case of wrong transfer, inform your bank immediately that you have transferred the money to the wrong beneficiary account, call the customer care number. Make a note of the transaction’s date and time, as well as your account number and the account to which the funds were mistakenly transferred.

How much does it cost to get a till number?

Till number transaction charges. It is free for customers to send money to till numbers. However Till number owners or businesses are charged 0.5% of the total amount received with the maximum charges capped at Ksh.

Can you use M-PESA online?

Online: By integrating with our APIs, local and global e-commerce businesses can make M-PESA a payment option on their websites.

How do I reverse mpesa 2021?

How to reverse wrong MPESA transaction

  1. Immediately you realise you sent money to the wrong Safaricom MPESA No, just go to the SMS you received from Safaricom.
  2. Copy that Transaction Code and create a blank SMS, paste it there and send to the number 456.
  3. Safaricom will do their best to reverse that transaction.

How long does mpesa reverse take?

The reversal of your Mpesa transaction may not take a long time. It is usually done 24 hours after it has happened. However, there are instances where it may take more than 48 hours.

How does a Till number work?

What is a till? It is a distinct SIM card that is mainly created to receive your business’s payments. It has a unique number that is referred to as a till number, and once a customer sends payments, you will receive an SMS notification. You cannot make calls or send an SMS using this line.

How do I get my PUK till my number?

To get your PUK number:

  1. Dial *100*8# from another phone.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number.
  3. Enter your national ID number.
  4. You’ll receive your PUK code shortly via a text message.

What happens if I accidentally transfer money to wrong account?

What if I transfer money to the wrong account? If you have made a mistaken internet payment, you need to contact your bank or credit union immediately. Your bank or credit union will then contact the unintended recipient’s bank to try and get the money back.