How can I make my Indian wedding reception fun?

20 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas for Your Indian Wedding

How can I make my Indian wedding reception fun?

20 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas for Your Indian Wedding

  1. #2. Have a DJ request box on your Sangeet.
  2. #3. Popcorn cart for midnight during the feras.
  3. #5. Wedding Tattoos:
  4. #8. Let the groom enter in a vintage car.
  5. #12. Have a fun photobooth.
  6. #18. Chappals.
  7. #19. Put your love story on the board.

What is Jua Jui?

Description. newly bride and groom playing ring fishing game, the purpose of this game is to know who will control him/ her for life time.. (

What is the dare game for Sangeet?

10 Sangeet Games To Keep The Party Going

  • Freeze the Frame. Mahima Bhatia Photography.
  • Passing the Parcel. Mahima Bhatia Photography.
  • Dumb Charades. Mahima Bhatia Photography.
  • Photobooth. Mahima Bhatia Photography.
  • Dance-Off. Mahima Bhatia Photography.
  • Karaoke. Mahima Bhatia Photography.
  • Two Truths And A Lie.
  • Beer Pong.

How do I organize my Haldi ceremony?

Choose your venue in line with your guest size – Outdoors is ideal, though the Haldi is often organised at home. Choose your decor, props and colour code – Yellow (naturally) works best for day functions, photographs and the mood of the day, but feel free to experiment.

What do Indians do at reception?

Read on for some key ingredients to include in your reception program that’ll get your guests’ blood pumping.

  • The Wedding Party Entrance.
  • The Newlyweds’ Grand Entrance.
  • The First Dance.
  • Bollywood-Inspired Dances.
  • A Bhangra Groomsmen Dance.
  • A Dance Medley to Your Favorite Retro Hits.
  • A Massive Family Number.

What are the games played after wedding?

6 Cool Games To Play During The Post Wedding Rituals!

  • Find Your Name in the Mehendi.
  • Untie The Knot/Knotted Strings.
  • Let’s See Who Finds The Ring First.
  • How Well Do You Know Each Other/The Couples’ Quiz.
  • Passing the Coins.

What are dare questions?

Best dare questions

  • Show the most embarrassing photo on your phone.
  • Show the last five people you texted and what the messages said.
  • Let the rest of the group DM someone from your Instagram account.
  • Eat a raw piece of garlic.
  • Do 100 squats.
  • Keep three ice cubes in your mouth until they melt.

Can bride and groom have Haldi together?

Members of the family take turns placing a small amount of Haldi on the Bride and Groom offering their blessings while also cleansing the couple simultaneously. It is customary in certain parts of India for the couple to apply a small portion of the Haldi paste onto their unmarried friends and siblings in jest.

What should I wear on sisters Haldi?

25 Haldi Ceremony Outfits and Dresses to Wear (updated)

  • Yellow Lehenga with unique Blouse.
  • Plain Saree with Half Sleeve Blouse.
  • Traditional Yellow Cotton Saree.
  • Modern Layered Yellow Skirt with Accessories.
  • Go non conventional with Shorts and Dupatta.
  • Simple Lehenga & blouse.
  • Elegant & traditional Saree.

Why reception is done after marriage?

This is a celebration time for both the families as they rejoice over their new accord. The reception ceremony also serves as an opportunity for the bride to know the acquaintances and associates of the groom’s family. This is the time when the bride finally represents herself as an important member of her new family.