How can I make my window wells more attractive?

Spruce up your Existing Well

How can I make my window wells more attractive?

Spruce up your Existing Well

  1. 1 Hang Plants. Hanging plants from your existing egress window well can go a long way towards increasing your view.
  2. 2 Decorate. Many people simply overlook their egress window as a place where they can decorate.
  3. 3 Plant Flowers.

What are the basement window wells called?

Egress Window Wells Building codes across the United States and Canada require egress windows and wells for any basement room used as a bedroom. These wells allow residents to escape the building in case of fire or other emergencies, while allowing rescue personnel a quick way into the basement.

What do you put in the bottom of a window well?

The bottom of the well should contain loose gravel, which also helps with drainage. This should not be allowed to become too compacted or it will also cause water to collect in the well. You can either replace gravel periodically or remove it and clean it before putting it back in place.

Can you grow plants in a window well?

Shade-loving plants growing in your window well can soon fill it with life. Basement window wells have an important function: keeping water and dirt out of your basement while letting light in. Most window wells are constructed of galvanized steel and are not attractive to look at when you are in your basement.

Are window well covers a good idea?

Having a cover for your metal window well will help keep the snow, leaves, water, and even animals out. More importantly, it can help with the problems with drainage. Unless the well has a special designed drain, you may end up with water inside your house.

What is the purpose of window well covers?

Window well covers are sheets of material, usually metal or plastic, designed to fit over window wells and prevent people or animals from falling in. They’re also meant to keep rainwater and snow from collecting in window wells, where they could cause basement flooding.

Are plastic or metal window wells better?

Heavy-duty plastic wells are the most durable option when compared to traditional steel wells. This material is designed to never rust or dent, ensuring they will last for years.

What’s the purpose of a basement window well cover?