How do I change the color of my lightsaber in swtor?

How do I change the color of my lightsaber in swtor?

To change color crystal on any weapon is the same as changing mods on any piece of gear.

  1. Open your inventory or open your character window if the item is equipped.
  2. Hold down CTRL and right click the item you want to modify.
  3. Take another color crystal from your inventory and drag it to the color crystal slot of that weapon.

How do I customize my lightsaber in swtor?

Hold down “Ctrl” and right click on the saber, then a window opens, move the mod to the correct slot and hit apply.

Why are all my lightsabers yellow Swtor?

They’re the main color for Jedi Sentinels. ^This is the answer. Yellow is the color of cowardice, and as we all know, is only one step in front of the color white, the universal color of surrender.

Can you change CALS lightsaber color?

At the start of Fallen Order, Cal’s lightsaber is blue. When you first get the chance to customize the blade, you can switch out the color to green if you’d like. If you pre-ordered Fallen Order, you can also turn your lightsaber orange.

How do you get new lightsaber crystals in swtor?

You can get crystals from a lot of places some are available from the PVP vendor on the fleet, and the GTN will have a ton of them for sale under the Item Modifications section. Other players can craft them as for you if you ask and provide credits/materials.

How do I change my weapon appearance in swtor?

If you want to change the appearance, it’s best to place the items into the gear tab, and place armor pieces into the outfit tab, allowing you to quickly switch your character status in a short time.

How do you change your lightsaber color in fallen order?

Workbenches can be found all throughout the different planets that you travel too, however, the most easily accessed bench can be found inside The Mantis, towards the back of the ship. Upon using the workbench, navigate to the Color section and select the color that you wish to use.

Where can I get color crystals in swtor?

Are Orange lightsabers canon?

Let’s take a look. While the most common (and recognizable) lightsaber colors in Star Wars are blue, red, and green, the Star Wars universe has a variety of colors for these weapons – eight, to be precise, including the orange lightsaber, made canon in Jedi: Fallen Order.