How do I connect my IBM MQ Explorer?


How do I connect my IBM MQ Explorer?


  1. Right-click Channels.
  2. Select New > Server Connection Channel.
  3. Enter the channel name, CHANNEL1 , and click Next.
  4. In the dialog navigation pane, click MCA to open the MCA page.
  5. In the MCA User ID field, enter a userid that is a member of the mqm group, typically your own.
  6. Click Finish.

How do I create an MQ Explorer subscription?

In the Navigator view, expand the queue manager that you want to create a new subscription on. Right-click the Subscriptions object-folder, then click New > Subscription….

How do I activate my MQ channel?

For outbound connections, you must start the channel in one of the following three ways:

  1. Use the MQSC command START CHANNEL, specifying the channel name, to start the channel as a process or a thread, depending on the MCATYPE parameter.
  2. Use the control command runmqchl to start the channel as a process.

How do I change channel authentication in MQ?

To get channel authentication records to control inbound channels, use the MQSC command ALTER QMGR CHLAUTH(ENABLED). CHLAUTH rules are applied for a channel MCA that is created in response to a new inbound connection.

How do I connect MQ client to MQ server?


  1. Check the TCP/IP connection. From the client, enter one of the following commands: ping server-hostname. ping n.n.n.n.
  2. Set the MQSERVER environment variable. From the client, enter one of the following commands: On Windows: SET MQSERVER= channelName /TCP/ server-address ( port )

How do I start MQ Explorer in Linux?

To launch MQ Explorer by using the system menu on Linux, or the start menu on Windows, you must left-click on the installation that you want to launch. On Windows, open the start menu, and select the MQ Explorer installation entry under the IBM® MQ folder that corresponds to the installation that you want to launch.

How do I create a queue manager in MQ Explorer?

Creating the queue manager using MQ Explorer

  1. Start MQ Explorer.
  2. In the Navigator view, right-click the Queue Managers folder, then click New > Queue Manager.
  3. In the Queue Manager name field, type.
  4. Click Next twice.
  5. Ensure that Automatic is selected from the Select type of queue manager startup option.
  6. Click Next.

How do I subscribe to IBM MQ?

Publish/subscribe messaging

  1. Put an IBM MQ message that contains the information that the application wants.
  2. Assign the message to a topic that denotes the subject of the information.
  3. Let IBM MQ handle the distribution of that information.

How do I start a server connection channel?


  1. Create a queue manager, called QM1 for example: crtmqm QM1.
  2. Start the queue manager: strmqm QM1.
  3. Start MQSC commands: runmqsc QM1.

How do I start a channel in IBM MQ?

Creating the message channel using IBM MQ Explorer

  1. In the Navigator view, expand the queue manager QM_APPLE that you created earlier.
  2. Right-click the Channels folder, then click New > Receiver Channel. The New Receiver Channel wizard opens.
  3. In the Name field, type QM_ORANGE.QM_APPLE.
  4. Click Finish.

How do I disable channel authentication in MQ?

MQSC command ALTER QMGR CHLAUTH(DISABLED) will disable channel authorizations in MQ v7. 5 too.

What is channel authentication in MQ?

Abstract. ▪ WebSphere MQ V7. 1 introduced a new feature for securing channels, known as Channel Authentication Records, or CHLAUTH for short. This new feature allows you to set rules to indicate which inbound connections are allowed to use your queue manager and which are banned.