How do I get an ACUVUE reward code?

How do I get an ACUVUE reward code?

  1. Visit your Eye Care Professional for your Annual Eye Exam and purchase an Annual Supply of ACUVUE® Contact Lenses.
  2. Register for MyACUVUE®, complete online reward form and mail in your original, unaltered receipt.
  3. If approved, reward will be issued by email within 14 days of approval.

Does Costco participate in Acuvue rewards?

A. No. ACUVUE® rewards are only available through in-office purchases and purchases made at participating retail location. Rewards are not valid for internet purchases or purchases made at Costco® Optical, Sam’s Club® Optical, BJs® Optical, Walmart® Optical, Target® Optical and select LensCrafters® locations.

How do I check my Acuvue rewards?

You can check the status of your rewards by logging back into If your reward was approved, and you have not received your ACUVUE® Brand Visa Prepaid card, please check your spam/junk folders.

Who owns Acuvue?

Johnson & Johnson
In 1987, Johnson & Johnson introduced the first mass-marketed disposable contact lens under the brand Acuvue—and the rest, as they say, is history. Each and every day, Johnson & Johnson’s Visioncare plant in Limerick, Ireland, manufactures millions of Acuvue contact lenses for markets around the globe.

How do I use my ACUVUE reward card?

How do I use my Acuvue rebate card? Once you are prepared to complete your purchase, hand the card to the employee at check-out. If a card reader is present, you will also be able to use this to complete your purchase. Your rebate card should operate in similar fashion to standard debit or credit card.

Are contact lenses Made in China?

Many of the lenses are made in places like China and Singapore, Bourke says. “Once those distributors get their hands on the product, they either work with retailers to sell them illegally to the American consumer, or they mislead retailers,” Bourke says.