How do I know what model Chromecast I have?

How do I know what model Chromecast I have?

Find Your Chromecast’s Version From Your Phone Tap the Chromecast you want to find the version of. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and look at the “Cast firmware version” number at the bottom of the screen.

Do LG TVS have chromecast built in?

LG is one of the TV manufacturers that does not support Chromecast as a built-in feature yet. You can, however, connect and set up the Chromecast dongle to your TV by doing the following: Insert the dongle into the HDMI port of the TV. Go onto the Andriod or iOS app store and search for Google Home and download.

What app do I need for Chromecast?

the Google Home app
To set up your Chromecast, you’ll need the Google Home app (formerly the Google Cast app), available on iOS and Android.

Why can’t I connect to my Chromecast?

To fix your Chromecast setup issues, you can try the following: Make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same network. Conduct a factory data reset by holding the reset button your dongle for 25 seconds. Reset your modem or router.

What TV do I need for Chromecast?

All Chromecast devices require a TV with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 1.3 or higher built-in. HDCP 2.2 is required to support 4K content. Most televisions that are five years old or newer and have HDMI ports will have at least one port that supports HDCP 2.2.

Is Chromecast free to use?

You don’t have to pay any subscription fees to use a Chromecast, although you’ll still have to pay for services like Netflix and Hulu to access them. If you’re using a computer with Google Chrome, you can “cast” nearly any webpage onto the TV, and view the internet in a higher resolution.

What generation is Chromecast on?

A model called Chromecast Ultra that supports 4K resolution and high dynamic range was released in November 2016. A third generation of the HD video Chromecast was released in October 2018….Chromecast.

A collection of devices released under the Chromecast product line
Website Chromecast Chromecast with Google TV

Does my Chromecast need an update?

To enjoy the latest features available on Chromecast, your device might need to update to the most recent software version. The update is done automatically as part of the setup, so you don’t need to do anything.

How do I know if my LG TV has Chromecast?

Android: Find the Screen sharing(cast or mirroring) in settings of your device and tap on it to open. Now you will find a list of wireless devices, from which you have to select your LG TV. After that, you will see your Android device display is casting on your LG TV.

How do I set up Chromecast on my LG TV?

Installing Chromecast

  1. Connect the power adapter to the Chromecast.
  2. Plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV.
  3. Connect Chromecast to the same Wifi network as your smart device.
  4. Open the Google Home App.
  5. Select HDMI on your TV via Source.
  6. Open Google Home.
  7. A code will appear both on the TV and your device.