How do I set up a store on Taobao?

The 7 steps to open a Taobao store

How do I set up a store on Taobao?

The 7 steps to open a Taobao store

  1. Connect account to Alipay.
  2. Complete identification authentication.
  3. Create a store, connect plugins, and set up Ali Wang Wang (for Customer Service)
  4. Design store.
  5. Upload products (referred to as “babies”)
  6. Promote and market store and products.
  7. Engage with Taobao KOL and use Taobao Live.

Is there an English version of Taobao?

If you plan on living in China for an extended period of time, using Taobao and Tmall, the country’s two biggest online shopping sites, is well worth the effort. Unfortunately, there’s no English version, so if you can’t read Chinese, then the sites can be a bit daunting – even with Google Translate.

Can foreigner open Taobao shop?

No, you cannot open a store with a non-Mainland China company. However, you can open a Taobao store, in some product categories, if you register a company in China. China allows foreign nationals fully own both limited liability companies and partnership enterprises – or do so with a Chinese partner.

How much does Taobao charge for selling?

Merchants are charged a 0.55% fee for every successful sale. The system is free to use for withdrawals under RMB 20,000 – or approximately 3,000 USD. Above this threshold, users are charged a 0.1% fee.

Can anyone sell on Taobao?

Selling on Taobao is accessible to almost everyone, thanks to its simple, quick, and easy process. Not only you will be able to reach a wide audience, but you will also be able to promote your products through the platform thanks to its multiple and various services.

How can a foreigner create a Taobao account?

Step-by-step guide for creating an account on Taobao

  1. Step 1: Go to the Taobao Registration Page and select English in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Step 2: Enter your Chinese mobile number and the verification code that appears, then click the orange button.
  3. Step 3: Create a username and password for your Taobao account.

How can I register Taobao in English?

How do I checkout on Taobao?

Checkout Your Taobao Cart Once you’re ready to checkout, go back to the home page and tap the shopping cart icon “购物车” (Shopping Cart). Select the items that you want or simply tap on “全选” (Select All) to select everything in cart. Then, tap on “结算” (Payment) to start the payment process.

Do you need an agent for Taobao?

Yes, people from the USA can buy from Taobao without using an agent, because there is a service of Taobao Global Consolidation and Shipping on Taobao, you can buy from Taobao and ship to the USA.

How can I upload my product on Taobao?

To begin with, if you want to sell your products or services on Taobao, you will first need to register as a seller on Taobao’s platform. Then, you will be able to open an online store directly on Taobao, customized it, ad your products, and then advertise them.

What makes Taobao successful?

Through constantly enriching its contents and services, Taobao gradually makes itself a well-known E-commerce website and becomes the leader who exceeded eBay in one short year’s time. Taobao’s successful experience is worth emulating by the domestic enterprises.