How do you add a second story to a ranch house?

How do you add a second story to a ranch house?

Get a zoning permit- Not all towns that are rich with ranch homes will allow your home to get an additional story. If you live in an area that has a homeowners’ association, clear it with them. After all, you need to make sure it’s legal first.

Can a ranch style house have a second floor?

Adding a second story to a ranch house is a way to double the living space of a modest home, but it’s not a project that can be undertaken lightly. Doing it right requires the involvement of professionals, careful and realistic planning, and a willingness to push through some hardship and inconvenience.

Is it worth putting on a second storey?

While renovations don’t come cheap, no matter what room of your home or project size you’re tackling, they’re a good way to increase the value of a property. Family Home tells us that “A second storey extension (or first-floor addition) is worth the effort because it transforms your home and adds more space”.

How do you tell if your foundation can support a second story?

Can your foundation support a second story addition? The only way to know if it can or what’s needed to “beef it up” is to hire an engineer to assess your home’s current foundation and determine what structural reinforcements will be needed to support all that extra weight.

Is adding a second story worth it?

Benefits. There are many reasons to consider adding a second floor to your home. Beyond the benefit of having extra space, expanding your home vertically is a better use of space than expanding outward into your lot – especially if your lot is small.

Can a second floor be added to a house?

Some homeowners who live in a single story house consider adding on a second floor to increase the size of their home. This can be done for many reasons – family size expansion, increasing the value of the home, simply wanting more space, etc. Doubling the size of your home’s square footage can be a tempting thought!