How do you ask past continuous questions?

How do you ask past continuous questions?

To make questions in the Past Continuous, put ‘was’/’were’ before the subject and add the ‘-ing’ form of the verb: What were you doing when you broke your leg?

How do you use past simple and past perfect?

We use Simple Past if we give past events in the order in which they occured. However, when we look back from a certain time in the past to tell what had happened before, we use Past Perfect.

What did you do yesterday Write 5 sentences in simple past?

Write five things you did yesterday

  • I woke up early in the morning and read the newspaper.
  • Then I went to take a bath and left for school.
  • In the afternoon, I came back from school and completed my homework.
  • I went for a walk in the park with my friends in the evening.
  • Upon returning home from the park, I went out for dinner with my family.

What is a word for asking questions?

What is another word for ask questions?

inquireUS enquireUK
interrogate grill
quiz examine
probe cross-examine
interview question

What are simple past tense verbs?

Simple past tense verbs—also called past simple or preterite—show action that occurred and was completed at a particular time in the past. The simple past tense of regular verbs is marked by the ending -d or -ed.

How do you ask a question in past tense?

In the simple past tense, negative and question forms are made using the auxiliary verb “do” (in its past form, “did”) followed by the simple form of the main verb.

What one question can you ask someone to find out the most about them?

These 20 questions reveal everything about someone’s personality

  • 1) How would you describe yourself?
  • 2) What is your biggest accomplishment?
  • 3) Have you read any good books?
  • 4) What is your dream job?
  • 5) Who is your personal hero?
  • 6) Do you have a life philosophy that you live by?
  • 7) What do you like most about yourself?
  • 8) If you could change the world, what would you change?