How do you change grenades in GTA 5?

How do you change grenades in GTA 5?

PSA: You can switch between your grenades by tapping your grenade hotkey.

How do you get grenades in GTA 5?

Grenades can be purchased from the North Point Mall Ammu-Nation, for $300. Washington Beach – Behind the Washington Beach Police Station (Only on Xbox, PC and later versions of the PS2, replacing the Tear Gas spawn point). Little Havana – Inside the basketball court just west of West Haven Community Healthcare Center.

How do you pick up tear gas in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V The BZ Gas only appears if the player has chosen the smart approach for The Jewel Store Job. It first appears in the BZ Gas Grenades mission where Michael must steal them from a Humane Labs Boxville. Later, they appear in Franklin’s inventory during the heist.

How do you switch between grenades and sticky bombs in GTA 5?

What key does this? Mouse wheel when holding tab and mousing to weapon type. When using number keys, just keep hitting the same key for that weapon type.

Where do u find gas in GTA 5?

Globe Oil gas stations can be found in Downtown Vinewood and La Puerta, Los Santos, and in the Senora Freeway in Blaine County. Route 68 stores and other unnamed gas stations can be found in Los Santos County and Blaine County as well.

How do you get a gas bomb in GTA 5?

Way to unlock: You need to complete Main mission 11 (Casing the Jewel Store) and select the smart variant of the heist towards its end. After you receive the second message from Lester, there will appear the Hs icon on the world map, which symbolizes a truck driving moving the streets of Los Santos.

How do you do emotes in GTA 5 Xbox One?

All players have to do is go to Quick Menu, go to ‘Style,’ select ‘Action,’ which will be your default emote action. For those that aren’t a fan of the default emote, players can change them in ‘Inventory,’ which is another action in the Quick Menu so don’t worry.

How do you dance in GTA online Xbox?

Use the touchpad on PS4 or Xbox One, the View button on PC, or the M key on your keyboard to access your interaction menu and change your emotes. You can then go to the action section and switch between them. If you prefer to emote in the first person, you can do so. It puts you even more in the moment.