How do you do a meet the posher on Poshmark?

How to create my Meet the Posher listing

How do you do a meet the posher on Poshmark?

How to create my Meet the Posher listing

  1. In app, tap Sell or on web, select Sell on Poshmark.
  2. Include personal photos and info.
  3. Go to your Closet and select About.
  4. Select Choose Your Meet the Posher Listing.
  5. Select your listing and save it.

Can you reach out to a seller on Poshmark?

Private message. There’s currently no way to communicate privately on Poshmark. Poshmark probably does that because it’s a social platform and public messages appear more social. It might be easier to monitor public messages too.

Can you meet people on Poshmark?

Live meet-and-greets have become so popular within the Poshmark community that we want to make it even easier for Poshers to connect. Introducing the Posh N Sip page!

How do I get rid of meet your posher?

To remove an item from Poshmark, you will need to go to the listing and click on the “remove” button. How do I delete my Meet the posher listing? To delete your Meet the posher listing, please contact our customer service team by clicking on the “Contact Us” link in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

What is meet your posher listing?

A Meet the Posher listing is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the community and can lead to more sales. Once you’ve created an account, we will automatically create and add your Meet the Posher listing to your closet.

What is a posher on Poshmark?

Posher: A member of the Poshmark community. They most-likely have an addiction and/or obsession to Poshmark, opening the app and attending Posh Parties multiple times a day.

What is a Meet the posher listing?

What happens if seller doesn’t ship Poshmark?

You are protected every time you place an order on Poshmark with Posh Protect. If your order never arrives, we’ll refund you your payment. You can check the status of an order by going to My Purchases > Select the purchase. Sellers have up to 7 days from the date or purchase to ship an order.

What does meet your posher mean?

What is PFFs on Poshmark?

Here at Poshmark we talk a lot about PFFs, a.k.a. Poshmark Friends Forever, and spreading the Posh Love. As our community grows, it’s the perfect opportunity for longtime Poshers to help newbies learn the ropes.

Why can’t you delete Poshmark listings?

Poshmark does not remove or edit sold banners and listings at this time, even if the order has been cancelled. The Sold listing acts as a record of previous transactions. Multi-item listings where an item has already been sold cannot be deleted.

How do you publish a listing on Poshmark?

To create a listing, click on “Sell on Poshmark” at the top right corner of the screen. Please be sure that you have recently logged into the app as this is a requirement to create a listing on the web. Drag your photo into the dotted box on the screen or click on “Upload photos” to upload images from your computer.