How do you find out when an app was released on iOS?

How do you find out when an app was released on iOS?

In the older software, there is no way of finding out exactly when an app was purchased, but in the latest software, you can go to the App Store and select Updates, then click on the top right to go to Purchased and see if the app was purchased (paid or free) and the date of install.

How do I find app version history?

To get started with the App Update Timeline, simply login to your Mobile Action account and click on the the ASO Intelligence module, and select App Update Timeline. You can see this module, even in free accounts.

Can you check the last time an app was downloaded?

You can view the app download history in Google Play Store from the Installed or Library sections of the Store. The Installed section shows you all the apps currently installed on your Android device.

Can you see when an app was last used?

Android keeps a log of when an app (it’s component) was last used. You can head down to /data/system/usagestats/ using a file explorer with root access, or using adb. There would be a file named usage-history.

How do you clear app history?

Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

  1. Tap the Menu button in the upper left corner.
  2. In the sidebar list, near the bottom, tap the Settings button.
  3. Under “General,” tap “Clear local search history.” There is no confirmation screen; when you tap this, your search history will be cleared.

What is app version history?

Versioning is a critical component of a mobile app’s upgrade and maintenance strategy: your mobile OS, Android or iOS, uses an app’s version information to prevent downgrades. Usually, the version is represented by a human-readable string that describes the app’s version in the format “..”, for example “1.0.

How can I tell the last time my iPhone was used?

Keep track of your screen time on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Screen Time.
  2. Tap Turn On Screen Time, then tap Continue.
  3. Tap This is My iPhone if you’re setting up Screen Time for yourself on your iPhone.
  4. To use Screen Time on all your Apple devices, scroll down, then turn on Share Across Devices.

Can you see when an app was last downloaded iPhone?

You can find out when an application was downloaded on an iPhone by accessing download history. Press a 3D Touch to have shortcuts with one being purchased tab where you’ll get app details. You can also go to the app store and find the “purchased tab” with a list from the recent to old ones.

Can I see when my iPhone was last used?

Go to Settings and then Screen Time, and then click See All Activity. Switch the tap at the top to Day, and you’ll be able to see a timeline of when you were using apps.

How do you delete app history on iPhone App Store?

Yes, you can delete your purchase history in the app store. Go to Settings then iTunes and App Stores. Then tap on Your Account. Scroll down where it says “Purchase History”.