How do you record meditation with music?

How do you record meditation with music?

How to record your guided meditation using your computer

  1. Plug in your microphone to the computer.
  2. Start a new recording in audacity (or your choice of software)
  3. Test your recording levels.
  4. Start speaking.
  5. Save your audio file.

Is there a radio station that plays relaxation music?

1. FM’s relaxation channel plays only soft, chilled tunes, always perfect for meditation, a rest of the mind and the body, the spirit and the senses. 1.

How do you make guided meditation videos?

How to Write a Meditation Script

  1. Step 1: Pick the desired outcome for your meditation.
  2. Step 2: Choose a central transformation catalyst.
  3. Step 3: Write your meditation script.
  4. Step 4: Record & Listen to Your Meditation Script.
  5. Step 5: Revise & Finalize Your Meditation.

How do you grow meditation music channel?

Relaxing music channels are one of the best Niche and easy to grow….I will share some tips I shared in a similar post.

  1. Make quality content that people want to watch. Do something that makes you unique in the space.
  2. Translate your metadata into multiple languages.
  3. Be patient.
  4. Have fun with it.
  5. Read YouTube’s help articl.

Can I monetize a meditation music on YouTube?

No it can’t. Such content was disallowed for monetization as of late 2019.

Can relaxing videos be monetized on YouTube?

It doesn’t matter whether you purchased it. You can use it for something like a transition in your video, but if your visuals are mainly from stock footage, this kind of channel is not going to be monetizable.

What happened to the calm channel?

The Calm Channel is now available exclusively on SiriusXM radios (channel 68) and on the SiriusXM app throughout May and June. SiriusXM’s Spa channel (formerly on channel 68) will move over to SiriusXM’s streaming and digital platforms through June.