How many cars can you have on an Aviva multicar?

How many cars can you have on an Aviva multicar?

five vehicles
Add up to five vehicles, registered at the same address, on one policy and save 10% off our car insurance premiums 1. We’ll even keep your no claim discounts separate for each of your vehicles.

Is it cheaper to insure multiple cars?

Multicar discounts are among the most common discounts in the industry because so many households own more than one car. points out that if you own more than one car, it’s usually cheaper to insure them on one policy instead of multiple policies.

Can you have one insurance for multiple cars?

A multi-car insurance policy is a policy that covers multiple vehicles that are garaged at the same address. Multi-car policies are pretty popular because they often include a discount. A multi-car policy is often a cheaper option than purchasing separate policies for each household vehicle.

What are the disadvantages of multi car insurance?


  • Not always cheaper.
  • Paying for a multi car insurance policy annually means you must pay a hefty lump sum every year.
  • If one driver has to make a claim on a multi car insurance policy, it can increase the premiums for other drivers on the plan.

Can I insure 2 cars in my name?

Can I insure 2 cars in my name? Yes. If you own two cars and are the primary driver for both, you can insure both of them in your name. Just be sure that the primary driver is genuinely the main user of the vehicle, rather than any named drivers.

How many cars can I insure under my name?

Answer provided by. “Most companies allow you to add four or five cars to your insurance. There is no state-regulated limit for cars or drivers on a single policy, so it’s solely up to the insurance provider.

Can you be main driver on 2 cars?

A named driver is not legally permitted to drive the vehicle more than the main driver, however. If the named driver drives the vehicle more than the main policyholder, this is against the law and will void the policy altogether.

Is it cheaper to have 3 cars on one policy?

Combining three drivers on one policy will save money over having 3 vehicle insurance policies. Teens who don’t qualify to be on your policy can have a separate policy on the same “account” as long as they live with you.

Do you have to live at same address for multi car insurance?

No, you can cover all the cars registered at one address no matter who they belong to, as there will be multiple policyholders. For immediate family members they can still be covered under your policy, even if they live at different addresses.

Is it better to have joint car insurance?

When you and your partner have solid driving records and no recent gaps in coverage, a joint policy usually results in greater savings. Insuring multiple vehicles on the same policy may also qualify you for other insurance discounts* like multi-car discounts*.