How many petroleum industries are in Pakistan?

How many petroleum industries are in Pakistan?

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) operates 13 production fields in Sui, Kandhot, Adhi, Mazarani, Chachar, Adam, Adam west Shahdadpur, Shahdadpur west, Shahdadpur east , Fazal and Dhok Sultan – the first two wholly owned by PPL – and has working interest in 23 partner -operated producing assets.

What are the oil companies in Pakistan?

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) (Urdu: پاکستان پیٹرولیم لمیٹڈ) is a Pakistani state-owned petroleum company….Pakistan Petroleum.

Type State sector Public limited company
Traded as PSX: PPL Pakistan Stock Exchange
Industry Energy
Genre Oil and gas
Founded 5 June 1950

Which oil company is best in Pakistan?

7 Best Cooking Oil Brands in Pakistan

  • Dalda Cooking Oil.
  • Kashmir Cooking Oil.
  • Kisan Cooking Oil.
  • Olivola Cooking Oil.
  • Mezan Cooking Oil.
  • Eva Cooking Oil.
  • Habib Cooking Oil.

Is PPL private or government?

PPL, now a public sector company since 1997, has a multinational legacy and DNA, governed under the Companies Act, 2017,” says Moin Raza Khan, MD & CEO, PPL. The discovery at Sui in 1952 was a landmark for both the company and country, being the largest gas field with more than 12 trillion cubic feet of reserves.

Who is the owner of Go petroleum?

Khalid Riaz
Khalid Riaz – Chairman & CEO for GO, Mr. Shehzad Mubeen and Mr. Bilal A. Ansari, Directors for GO also attended the function.

Where is petroleum found in Pakistan?

The Sui gas field is the biggest natural gas field in Pakistan. It is located near Sui in Balochistan. The gas field was discovered in the late 1952 and the commercial exploitation of the field began in 1955. Sui gas field accounts for 6% of Pakistan’s gas production.

Where is PPL head office?

Head Office Address : PIDC HOUSE: 4the Floor, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Civil Lines, Karachi.

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  • Who is CEO of Pakistan Petroleum Limited?

    Moin Raza Khan
    Moin Raza Khan is serving as Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) since August 23, 2021.

    Is Pakistan rich in oil?

    Oil Reserves in Pakistan Pakistan holds 353,500,000 barrels of proven oil reserves as of 2016, ranking 52nd in the world and accounting for about 0.0% of the world’s total oil reserves of 1,650,585,140,000 barrels. Pakistan has proven reserves equivalent to 1.7 times its annual consumption.

    Where do Pakistan buy petrol?

    In 2019, the top partner countries from which Pakistan Imports Fuels include United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Kuwait.