How much does a shamisen cost?

How much does a shamisen cost?

A shamisen can be bought from Japan via the internet for about $1400 including shipping, and a hard case for the instrument. 10. A shamisen is played with a hand held pick called a bachi. A plastic bachi costs $45.

Is it hard to learn shamisen?

Based on its appearance, one might expect the shamisen to sound similar to the Western ukulele or banjo, but the reality is that it’s a much more difficult instrument to listen to for the inexperienced ear.

What are the shamisen instruments?

samisen, also spelled shamisen, long-necked fretless Japanese lute. The instrument has a small square body with a catskin front and back, three twisted-silk strings, and a curved-back pegbox with side pegs.

Are shamisen made of cat?

“Cat and dog skins have been the material used for shamisen since the Edo period about 400 years ago,” says Kineya, who like many in his nagauta (literally, “long song”) troupe take the Kineya stage name.

Why is shamisen so expensive?

It’s a combination of the raw cost of often rare materials, the hours of labor involved in making the instrument, the tools needed to make it, shop upkeep and staff salary, and of course compensation for the years of training it takes to become a master craftsperson.

How do I learn the shamisen?

The place which you should grasp is only one spot to begin with playing. As keep holding a bachi softly, place your right arm on the shamisen body and release the weight of your right arm on it, as if it is like an arm rest. Relax your both shoulder. When your both shoulders be relaxed, your both wrists fall down.

How do I start playing the shamisen?

First, play with the third (bottom of three) string. Move your bachi vertically to the surface of your shamisen, from your first holding position. Secondly, play with the second string. Swing the point of your bachi up to the second string and drop it vertically to the surface of your shamisen.

What is the popular shamisen music?

The most famous and perhaps most demanding of the narrative styles is gidayū, named after Takemoto Gidayū (1651–1714), who was heavily involved in the bunraku puppet-theater tradition in Osaka.

Is shamisen popular in Japan?

The shamisen is still a very popular musical instrument in Japan and now even outside the country. Its use spreads from a classical solo, chamber or concert instrument to folk music and to contemporary versions of some kind of improvised jazz music.

What wood is used for shamisen?

Kouki wood This is the highest quality wood for shamisen. Kouki makes the best neck and also looks exquisite. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive wood, as it’s even more endangered than Shitan. Note Though a shamisen with kouki wood is referred to as a “kouki shamisen”, the dou is made from high-grade Karin.

What is the shamisen origin?

The shamisen is not originally from Japan. It historically came from China, where it was then called sanxian. It is only in the 16th century that this instrument crossed part of the ocean to join the Japanese lands.