How much is a 1986 Chevy K30 worth?

How much is a 1986 Chevy K30 worth?

1986 Chevrolet C/K 30 Retail Prices

Trim MSRP CarGurus Instant Market Value
Silverado LB RWD $11,759 N/A
Silverado Crew Cab LB RWD $13,355 N/A
Silverado LB 4WD $14,608 N/A
Scottsdale Crew Cab LB 4WD $15,580 N/A

Did Chevy make a K30?

The Chevy one-ton, four-wheel drive pickup has a designation of K-30. In 1960 Chevy came out with a new line of trucks, and with that a new letter designation system.

Is a k20 4WD?

MECHANICS: Performance built 327/330hp engine. Heavy duty 5 Speed Manual transmission. 3/4 ton with 4 wheel drive.

What is the difference between a C10 and C20?

The obvious difference between the C10 and the C20 is that one is a half-ton and the other a three-quarter-ton truck. These classifications don’t refer to their respective curb weights, but rather to their payload capacity.

What does C in C10 mean?

What is a Chevy C10 Truck? The C10 model was used by Chevrolet in the years 1960-1987 to define the 2WD drivetrain and ½ ton chassis of every truck they produced. The “C” marking the truck as 2-wheel drive, and the “10” marking it as a half-ton. Chevy C10, or Chevrolet 2wd, ½ ton pickup.

What is a Chevrolet K20?

1963 Chevrolet K20 This is a four-wheel drive 3/4 ton Stepside pickup built on a 127 inch wheelbase with a ladder type frame. Unlike today’s 4×4 trucks, manual front locking hubs and a two speed transfer case were standard. These trucks borrowed heavily from military vehicles and were very rugged.

How much are square body trucks worth?

A fully functional, pristine Square Body Chevrolet Suburban will set you back anywhere between $12,000 and $60,000, with the average price of driving one home coming in at around $16,000.