How old is Chef Rene Rodriguez?

Rodriguez, now 44, opened Navarra in 2008.

How old is Chef Rene Rodriguez?

Rodriguez, now 44, opened Navarra in 2008.

Who won Top Chef Canada 2014?

Rene Rodriguez
Top Chef Canada (season 4)

Top Chef Canada
Season 4
No. of contestants 14
Winner Rene Rodriguez
Country of origin Canada

Who won Canada’s Top Chef 2020?

Francis Blais
Top Chef Canada (season 8)

Top Chef Canada
No. of contestants 12
Winner Francis Blais
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 8

Who are the finalists in Top Chef Canada?

With four finalists left at the beginning of tonight’s finale–including Andrea Alridge and Erica’s husband, Josh Karbelnik–it became clear fairly quickly that Erica and Kym Nguyen (pictured above) would be the final two chefs left to battle it out.

Where is Rene Rodriguez now?

Rene Rodriguez is an Ottawa favourite: he`s the a former chef at Ottawa`s trendy Arc Hotel, former executive chef at Ottawa`s Social and Orto Trattoria, and is now cooking at Ottawa`s delicious Common Eatery.

Who won Masterchef season 1 Canada?

Eric ChongMasterChef Canada – Season 1 / Winner

Who won Canada’s Top Chef 2021?

Erica Karbelnik
The season premiered on April 19, 2021. The season was won by Erica Karbelnik, who defeated runner up Kym Nguyen in the finale, which was shot at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Toronto….Top Chef Canada (season 9)

Top Chef Canada
Winner Erica Karbelnik
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 8

Who won Canada 2021?

It all led up to one of the closest calls ever on Top Chef Canada, but in the end judges Mark McEwan, Chris Nuttall-Smith, Mijune Pak and Janet Zuccarini awarded Erica $100,000, a Lexus RX Hybrid Electric SUV, and the title of Top Chef Canada.

What happened to Eric from MasterChef Canada?

After the show, he left chemical engineering and began to train as a professional chef with Alvin Leung, one of the show’s judges, in Hong Kong. Both of them later then opened a restaurant together called R&D (Rebel & Demon) in March 2015.

Who won season 2 MasterChef Canada?

David JorgeMasterChef Canada Season 2 / Winner