How old is David Backus?

37 years (May 1, 1984)David Backes / Age

How old is David Backus?

37 years (May 1, 1984)David Backes / Age

Is Backes retired?

2021David Backes / Career end

Who did David Backes play for?

So on July 1, 2016, after five seasons as the captain of the Blues, Backes signed a five-year, $30 million contract with the Bruins.

Did David Backes win the Stanley Cup?

Other than, say, winning a Stanley Cup in his final game as a player — which didn’t happen — David Backes couldn’t have scripted a better way to ride off into the sunset. On May 5, as a member of the Anaheim Ducks, he played his final NHL game in St.

What number is David Backes?

42Boston Bruins / Right wing
42St. Louis Blues / Centerman, Right wing21Anaheim Ducks / Right wing42United States National Men’s Hockey Team / Forward, Winger
David Backes/Number

Who is number 42 on the Bruins?

Bob Sweeney
#42 – Bob Sweeney A Concord native and Boston College product, Sweeney played six years in Boston — appearing in two Stanley Cup Finals during the 1988 and 1990 seasons. Sweeney, who also wore #20 during his time with the Bruins, eclipsed the 20-goal mark three times in his NHL career.

Does Backes still play for the Blues?

David Backes is retiring after a 15-year NHL career. Backes, 37, signed a one-day contract Thursday with the St. Louis Blues, the team he spent 10 seasons with, to retire as a member of the organization. Even after he left St.

Who does Chara play for?

New York Islanders#33 / Defenseman
Slovak Men’s National Ice Hockey Team#33 / Defenseman
Zdeno Chára/Current teams

What position does David Backes?

CentermanRight wingWinger
David Backes/Position

Who has worn number 1 for the Bruins?

02 1 – Gilles Gilbert The Quebec native spent the best seven seasons of his career in Boston playing behind some stacked Bruins teams, and piled up 155 wins in Black and Gold. He didn’t have the best individual season wearing the No. 1 however, as that went to Pete Peeters in his Vezina Trophy-winning season in Boston.