How old is Kirsten Rausing?

How old is Kirsten Rausing?

69 years (June 6, 1952)Kirsten Rausing / Age

What happened to Tetra Pak heir?

Eva Rausing, one of Britain’s richest women, died as a result of cocaine abuse, a coroner has ruled. The body of the 48-year-old, who was the wife of multi-millionaire Hans Kristian Rausing, was discovered at the couple’s house in Belgravia in central London on 9 July.

Who owns the patent for Tetra Pak?

Gad Rausing
The company is privately owned by the family of Gad Rausing through the Swiss-based holding company Tetra Laval, which also includes the dairy farming equipment producer DeLaval and the PET bottle manufacturer Sidel.

Where do the Rausing family live?

the United Kingdom
The Rausing family are a wealthy Swedish family, best known for the Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing. Several members of the family now live in the United Kingdom.

Where are the Rausing family?

Does Hans Rausing still own Tetra Laval?

In 1996, Hans sold his half of the Tetra Laval Group to his brother, Gad Rausing, for a reported $7 billion. Gad’s children Jörn, Finn and Kirsten now own and control the Tetra Laval Group.

Who are some famous family members of Tetra Pak?

Notable family members. Ruben Rausing (1895–1983), son of August Andersson, businessman and industrialist, founder of Tetra Pak. Elisabeth Rausing, wife of Ruben Rausing. Gad Rausing (1922–2000), son of Ruben & Elisabeth Rausing, businessman. Birgit Rausing (born 1924), widow of Gad Rausing.

How old is Kirsten Rausing now?

Kirsten Elisbet Rausing, DL (born 6 June 1952) is the eldest child of Swedish industrialist Gad Rausing (1922–2000) and his wife Birgit (née Mayne). Born in Lund, Sweden, Rausing is the granddaughter of Ruben Rausing (1895–1983) who was the founder of the liquid food packaging company Tetra Pak.

How did Tetra Pak get started?

He formed Tetra Pak, now called Tetra Laval, in 1944, as a subsidiary of Akerland and Rausing, but left it to his sons, Gad and Hans, to build up the business, which by 1990 was selling 50 billion cartons a year.