Is Amazon a static or dynamic website?

Example 2: Amazon (Dynamic Website)10 հոկ, 2016 թ.

Is Amazon a static or dynamic website?

Example 2: Amazon (Dynamic Website)10 հոկ, 2016 թ.

Is Spotify a static or dynamic website?

Answer: Spotify is a static website because Listen to Static Site on Spotify. Static Site is a podcast which tells you how static site generator is an excellent choice for your next project.06 հոկ, 2020 թ.

How is John Hale a dynamic character?

In the play The Crucible by Author Miller, Reverend John hale is a dynamic rounded character. In Act I, the reverend is described as an eager-eyed intellectual pondering the invisible world. Hale seeks witches and gets them to confess, so god can bless them and rid them of the devil.09 մրտ, 2020 թ.

How is John Proctor a complex character?

Proctor is a complex character, mixed with pride and self-loathing. He has pride in his community and the contributions he has made to it. He helped to build the town church and has transformed his land into a productive farm. He unlike many citizens of Salem speaks his mind against injustice and authority.

What does static and dynamic mean in English?

In general, dynamic means energetic, capable of action and/or change, or forceful, while static means stationary or fixed. In computer terminology, dynamic usually means capable of action and/or change, while static means fixed.

What is a dynamic concept?

The concept of dynamics is derived from Physics. It refers to a state where there is a change such as movement. Tides of the sea, a bird flying in the sky are examples of dynamics. But the word ‘dynamic’ has a different meaning in economics.

Is Mary Warren static or dynamic?

In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible , Mary Warren is an example of a dynamic character who experiences an internal change by the conclusion of the play. At the beginning of the play, Mary Warren is portrayed as a quiet, timid girl who is easily manipulated by Abigail Williams and testifies against innocent citizens.

Is Betty Parris static or dynamic?

Type of Characters in the Crucible

Flat Characters who exhibit one or two personality traits.
Ezekiel Cheever Falta and Static
Betty Parris Flat and Static
Rebecca Nurse Flat and Static
Giles Corey Flat and Static

Is Thomas Putnam static or dynamic?

Thomas Putnam, Rebecca Nurse, Tituba, Deputy Governor Danforth, and Abigail Williams are among the static characters in The Crucible.10 մրտ, 2020 թ.

Is Reverend Parris a static or dynamic character?

Parris is a notable dynamic character in the sense that at the start of the play, he is terrified as to how witchcraft can affect his stature within the community.14 մրտ, 2019 թ.

What kind of person is Mary Warren?

Mary is the Proctors’ servant after Abigail was let go. She’s a weak person, prone to hysterics and drawn to drama. She moves back and forth between the pack of lying girls and the Proctors, drawn by the girls but knowing the Proctors are innocent.

Is Tituba static or dynamic?

Tituba is a static character. The most important elements of her character are functionally oriented, used to help communicate certain aspects of the Salem community and to demonstrate a moral relativity regarding witchcraft.

Who is the dynamic character?

A dynamic character is one who learns a lesson or changes as a person (either for better or for worse). Most main characters and major characters in stories are dynamic. Dynamic characters are the opposite of static characters; while dynamic characters change throughout a story, static characters stay the same.08 նոյ, 2020 թ.

Is Giles Corey a static or dynamic character?

Clearly, Giles can be considered a dynamic character in the play, as he started out not giving “a hoot for public opinion” (40) but later changed his mind and sacrificed himself for the benefit of others.

How is John Proctor a hero?

In a sense, The Crucible has the structure of a classical tragedy, with John Proctor as the play’s tragic hero. Honest, upright, and blunt-spoken, Proctor is a good man, but one with a secret, fatal flaw. Proctor redeems himself and provides a final denunciation of the witch trials in his final act. …

Why is Abigail a static character?

Abigail Williams is definitely a static character because she remains unethical and remorseless throughout the play. Manipulative she is, Abigail is able to convince the supreme court officials of the existence of devils in Salem.

Why Jekyll is a static website?

Jekyll is software that creates websites. Jekyll isn’t actually “running” the live website; rather, Jekyll is a “static site generator”: it helps you create the static site files, which you then host just as you would any other HTML website.18 ապր, 2016 թ.

What is admirable John Proctor?

He has strong personal principles and the courage to stand by them. Crucible Character Study (Question 1) Of all the characters in the Crucible, John Proctor is perhaps the most admirable. He has strong personal principles and the courage to stand by them. Proctor strives to do what is right.

Why is John Proctor a dynamic character?

Throughout the story of The Crucible written by Arthur Miller there were many dynamic characters. John Proctor such a dynamic character is the fact that he admitted his mistake. John admitted to committing adultery with Abigail Williams “I have which broke one of the Ten Commandments “Thou shalt not commit adultery”.01 մրտ, 2013 թ.

Is Rebecca Nurse static or dynamic?

An example of a static character in The Crucible would be Rebecca Nurse, a highly respected citizen of Salem, Massachusetts.

Do I have a static or dynamic IP?

Under system preferences, select Network and then “Advanced”, then go to TCP/IP. Under “Configure IPv4” if you see MANUALLY you have a static IP address and if you see USING DHCP you have a dynamic IP address.

What kind of man is John Proctor quizlet?

John Proctor is a regretful man because he slept with Abigail whilst she was aiding them in his home. He cannot get rid of the weight from sins he committed. He isn’t easily led, even-tempered, and strong. He sees through hypocrites.