Is Army basic training 7 days a week?

Yes it is 7 days a week. There are no days ‘off’ at basic. There will be at least one instructor overseeing you even on weekends.

Is Army basic training 7 days a week?

Yes it is 7 days a week. There are no days ‘off’ at basic. There will be at least one instructor overseeing you even on weekends.

Is OCS hard to get into?

Only about 60 percent of all those who apply are accepted for attendance at OCS. Civilian college graduate and current military candidates do not compete with each other for available OCS slots.

Do commissioned officers get deployed?

Commissioned officers must have a college degree. Officers in the Reserve component are able to commit to the United States while continuing their civilian career at home, other than while in training. Deployment depends on the Military branch chosen and the unit to which you are assigned.

Is there a GPA requirement for OCS?

An applicant must have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) based on a 4.0 system to be considered for the OCS (RA or USAR) enlistment option. This GPA must be listed on the official transcript or veri- fied on the issuing institution’s letterhead by the registrar.

What happens if you dont pass OCS?

If you fail OCS, you are sent home. The only ones I ever saw get a “do over” for OCS were ones that the service had already spent a lot of time and money on already. NROTC Marine Options, and people in enlisted commissioning programs that had them going through college already like the MECEP program.

Is there free time in basic training?

He writes; “During basic combat training are recruits allowed any free time away from training?” The answer to that Phillip is yes, we get roughly an hour each day for personal time to use to do laundry, things of that nature, write letters but mainly to prepare for the next day’s event.

How often should I write my boyfriend in basic training?

From a recent basic training graduate, please right as much as you can. Pictures, newspaper clippings, deep love letters, even short funny ones, and any other mementos go a long way. Write every day!

How long is Army OCS application process?

Qualifying to attend the Army OCS can be an extensive process that may take anywhere from four months to a year. For all OCS recruits, a minimum of a four-year college degree is required.

Do you get Sundays off in basic training?

On Sundays, you’re usually not doing any type of actual training, but you’ll still have to look busy cleaning weapons and barracks. Once you get to your job location, it’s usually Monday through Friday 9-5, (6am physical training). Weekends off.

Can I go to OCS with an associate’s degree?

No. If you want to go to OCS, you need a bachelor’s degree, in any service. There are some paths to LDO and CWO that do not require bachelors degrees, but neither is a product of OCS.

How hard is OCS Army?

OCS hopefuls are challenged from day one physically, mentally and emotionally. Prospective officer candidates can expect early mornings, late nights and a lot of hard work. Even the best leaders are challenged to complete the pre-commissioning requirements within extremely compressed timelines.

Which branch has the easiest OCS?

Army is the next easiest to get into because it is the largest branch, but they are becoming more selective because the army is winding down more (with the wars in the Middle East slowly dieing down).

Can you call family in basic training?

Recruits in many Army basic training platoons are now allowed to use personal cell phones to call friends and families, send text messages, and update their social media status.

Where do most army recruits get stationed?


  • Fort A.P. Hill. Bowling Green, Virginia.
  • Fort Belvoir. Fairfax County, Virginia.
  • Fort Benning. Columbus, Georgia.
  • Fort Bliss. El Paso, Texas.
  • Fort Bragg. Fayetteville, North Carolina.
  • Fort Buchanan. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Fort Campbell. Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
  • Fort Carson. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Can you go to OCS without a degree?

Army Enlistment Program 9D Under the Army’s Enlistment Program 9D, applicants enlist with a guarantee of attending OCS, after completion of enlisted basic training. Army Reserve (USAR) OCS candidates do not require a BA/BS degree, but must have at least 90 semester hours toward a BA/BS.