Is bio or chem harder?

Is bio or chem harder?

Chemistry is usually more difficult, especially the labs, because they require a better understanding of mathematics, especially error analysis. Biology is mostly memorization and the understanding of concepts, you will do basic statistics in your BA biology courses.

What is description architecture?

Architecture description is a conceptualization of the architecture. Its usefulness is in conceiving and expressing the functional and nonfunctional quality characteristics along with the proposed form/structure of the software system.

How do I write an architectural blog?

These 3 simple keys to blogging will help you get started on your architecture blog and maintain it overtime.

  1. Know Your Audience. Before you begin blogging, you must first identify your target audience.
  2. Create a Search Engine Optimized Editorial Calendar.
  3. Make it Visual.

How do you start an architecture essay?

The introduction to an architecture essay should not be any more than five sentences long, yet compelling enough to grab the attention of the audience. Generally, an effective introduction is where the student can make the most impact; hence, attaining impressive marks or indeed, loses marks.

How do you become an architectural writer?


  1. Get architectural “bona fides.” Having qualifications in architecture can help you become an architectural journalist by proving that you have the expertise to understand all of what goes into building design.
  2. Start building journalistic qualifications.
  3. Work with architects.
  4. Collect clips.

How would you describe an architectural design?

Here are some adjectives for architectural design: hardly standard, complete and symmetrical, symmetrical, strangest, flamboyant, tibetan, harmonious, classical, elegant, superb, complete, magnificent, same, remarkable, antique, weird, beautiful, conscious, new, proper, fine, peculiar, general, bold, noble, bad.

How do you write an architectural article?

Tips on How to Write About Architecture

  1. Insert rhetorical questions.
  2. Create an interesting scene.
  3. Drop a quote.
  4. Insert facts and knowledge.
  5. Express your own thoughts.
  6. Use metaphors and similes.
  7. Make use of instinctive imagery.
  8. Be witty.

How do you describe an architectural project?

Don’t. Just create better architecture and cut the b.s. post-rational justification of a flawed design. Create a conceptual and aesthetic set of principles for your work and be rigorous about attempting to meet that set of principles then what you are asking is easy.

How do you describe an architect?

An architect is a person who plans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings. To practice architecture means to provide services in connection with the design of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings that have human occupancy or use as their principal purpose.