Is Mazda 323f rare?

Is Mazda 323f rare?

These are still quite rare both on the road and on the used market so you’ll probably find the best selection, along with nearly-new and ex-demonstrator examples, at Mazda dealers.

Is Mazda 323 RWD?

Launched in January 1977, the original RWD (rear-wheel-drive) Mazda 323 was Mazda’s first modern hatchback and the car that started a model lineage that stretches all the way to today’s Mazda3. A rear-wheel-drive compact family car, the smartly styled first-generation 323 was a global success for Mazda.

Does Mazda has V6 engine?

While there are no Mazda vehicles currently in production that use a six-cylinder engine, it has been confirmed by a Mazda spokesperson in a statement to Car & Driver magazine that a new longitudinal inline six-cylinder engine is in the works for unspecified Mazda vehicles in the future.