Is Mehdi Nebbou Indian?

Is Mehdi Nebbou Indian?

Mehdi Nebbou is an Indian film Actor, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood. Mehdi has worked in popular movies like English Vinglish, English Vinglish. Mehdi’s previous film to hit the theatres was English Vinglish in the year 2012. Mehdi Nebbou is an Indian film Actor, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood.

Who was the French guy in English Vinglish?

superstar Mehdi Nebbou
French superstar Mehdi Nebbou who is regarded as one of the most accomplished star-actors in Europe, seems to be completely besotted by his co-star Sridevi in English Vinglish.

Who is Laurent in English Vinglish?

3) Shashi’s classmate Laurent, who was besotted with her, was played by French superstar Mehdi Nebbou. And this was his first “innocent film”.

What does Laurent say to Shashi in French?

Apart from the very good answer, I’ll add what I hear in French: « Quoi qu’il arrive, ta rencontre, ça restera spécial dans ma vie… toujours. »

Is English vinglish true story?

The story was inspired by Shinde’s mother, a Marathi-speaking woman who ran a pickle business at her house in Pune. Her mother was not fluent in English, which embarrassed Shinde as a child.

What is the message of English Vinglish movie?

Shashi (Sridevi), in Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish, is that woman. Shinde’s premise is simple: A woman can change her situation, love herself, and get the family to love her back. It is a winning theme for a film, rife with dramatic possibilities—the underdog, her struggles, her victory against the odds.

What did Laurent say to Shashi on the phone?

“Whatever happens, meeting you, it will remain special in my life… always.”

Where was English Vinglish shot?

New York
Speaking from New York, producer R. Balki said: “Around 80 percent of English Vinglish has to be shot in New York. There are 85 avenues in for Sridevi to explore during the 50-day schedule.