Is Specialized Rockhopper a good frame?

Is Specialized Rockhopper a good frame?

The Rockhopper is long and low enough to handle steep and rough trails, and the geometry numbers add up to result is well-balanced rider weight, good traction and stability. The frame shines, despite the average kit that’s fitted to it.

How much is a Specialized Rockhopper bike worth?

The 2021 Rockhopper lineup consists of six different models, ranging from just $500 up to $1,125 USD, with size-specific suspension and wheel sizing, in enough colour options to make you dizzy.

Is Specialized Rockhopper 29 a good bike?

The Specialized Rockhopper Expert is built around a reasonably light alloy frame, runs a 120mm fork, and rolls on 29” wheels. The frame itself is shaped rather well and the bike offers an engaging, efficient and ultimately entertaining ride.

What kind of riding is the Specialized Rockhopper for?

The Specialized Rockhopper packs a lot of bang for the buck. A perfect ride, especially for entry-level mountain bikers, it delivers big performance that all can appreciate. Check out our four key reasons the Specialized Rockhopper gets our vote for ‘Best Mountain Bike for Beginners’ on the market today.

Is Specialized Rockhopper elite good?

Pretty good I got this bike last year and have taken it on a couple hard rides. I feel like it was a good solid bike but, the brakes could be a little better. Compared to the Scott scale 980 which is about a hundred dollars less than this bike, I would choose the Scott because of its breaks and its fork.

Is specialized a good bike brand?

Specialized bikes have a reputation for making some of the best bikes in the business. With a huge range of bikes, from entry-level to expert, they have something to suit every rider, and they are all known for being some of the best bikes available.

What is the difference between Rockhopper and Rockhopper?

The Specialized Rockhopper and Rockhopper Sport 27.5 are both aluminium frame hardtail crosscountry bikes with modest components. The Rockhopper has 29″ wheels, while the Rockhopper Sport 27.5 has 27.5″ wheels.