Is Sweet land a true story?

It is an adaptation of the 1989 short story “A Gravestone Made of Wheat” by Will Weaver….

Is Sweet land a true story?

It is an adaptation of the 1989 short story “A Gravestone Made of Wheat” by Will Weaver….

Sweet Land
Directed by Ali Selim
Written by Ali Selim
Based on A Gravestone Made of Wheat by Will Weaver
Produced by James Bigham Alan Cumming Ali Selim

Who is Inga in Sweet Land?

Elizabeth Reaser
Lars knows the picture well, and the story that goes with it, as we flash back to the summer of 1920 when a young Inge (Elizabeth Reaser) first met Olaf Torvik (Tim Guinee). Inge Altenberg came to America for one reason — to marry the farmer Olaf Torvik.

Where does the movie Sweet Land take place?

southern Minnesota
Set in southern Minnesota in 1920, the film flashes back from present day as Olaf’s grandson is pondering a choice to sell his deceased grandparents’ farmland when he finds a wedding photo of his grandmother, prompting a retelling of their love story.

What is the movie Sweet Land about?

When Inge Altenberg (Elizabeth Reaser), a young German woman, arrives in rural Minnesota, she meets Norwegian farmer Olaf Torvik (Tim Guinee), a fellow immigrant. Olaf’s parents in Norway have arranged for the two to marry, but problems arise when she doesn’t have the proper papers. Despite being unwed, the couple lives and farms together, causing a rift with their community. In the face of considerable hardship, Inge and Olaf toil away and grow closer in the process.Sweet Land / Film synopsis

How does Sweetland end?

She ends up living with the large family of Olaf’s friend and neighbor, Frandsen (Alan Cumming), but Olaf and Inge can’t really be separated and eventually they fall in love.

What year does Sweet Land take place?

In 1920, Inge, a German national, travels from Norway to rural Minnesota for her arranged marriage to Olaf, a Norwegian farmer; bureaucracy and prejudice cause major complications.

Does Elizabeth Reaser speak German?

Elizabeth Reaser had pangs of regret after agreeing to read for the role of Inge in “Sweet Land.” It would require her to speak accented English and to rattle off lines in German and Norwegian. She knew neither language.

What happens at the end of Sweet Land?

How long is the movie Sweet Land?

1h 50mSweet Land / Running time