Is the M1A Scout a good rifle?

Is the M1A Scout a good rifle?

The M1A Scout Squad is an awesome rifle. It has a battle-proven lineage and enough stopping power for most things. It is my pick for the ultimate rural patrol rife.

What is a M1A Scout?

The M1A™ Scout Squad rifle combines features like a military aperture 0.0690″ rear sight and National Match front blade with stained walnut. The 18″ 1:11″-twist carbon steel barrel keeps the gun viable indoors, while the traditional wooden stock adds an air of class and sophistication.

Is Socom 16 a scout rifle?

takes the M1A™ platform and shrinks it down to a remarkably compact and portable size. Sporting a short 16.25″ barrel and shortened gas system, the SOCOM 16 features a forward mounted “scout” mount rail for an optic.

How long is an M1A Scout Squad?

eighteen inch
Barrel. The Springfield M1A Scout Squad has an eighteen inch 1:11″ right-hand six-groove carbon steel barrel. This barrel length was chosen by Springfield Armory to make the Scout Squad more portable and give it better handling characteristics than its full sized M1A.

Who makes M1A guns?

Springfield Armory, Inc.

Springfield Armory M1A
Manufacturer Springfield Armory, Inc.
Unit cost Depends on model
Produced 1974–present
Variants Standard, Loaded, National Match, Super Match, M21, M25, SOCOM 16, Scout Squad, SOCOM II, Tanker

Can you hunt with M1A?

Springfield’s latest rifle is a classic blending of features from both the hunting and tactical worlds. The M1A SOCOM CQB has a 16.25 inch barrel, an adjustable polymer stock with accessory rails scattered around the stock, and the capability for almost any kind of sighting system you could imagine.

How accurate is M1A Socom?

Accuracy was good, with the gun averaging roughly 2 MOA at 100 yards with all loads using the non-magnified MRO. I found that the 16.25″ barrel sacrificed roughly 150 fps against a 22” barrel of a standard M1A.

Is the Springfield Armory M1A a good rifle?

It is accurate, offers fast follow-up shots, it is extremely reliable, and it takes optics relatively easily. The M1A Standard from Springfield is a reproduction of that classic M14 rifle retrofitted for civilian use. The Standard comes chambered . 308 Win. or 7.62 NATO.

What’s the difference between an M14 and an M1A?

“M1A” is a proprietary name for Springfield Armory’s M14-pattern rifle. Early M1A rifles were built with surplus G.I. parts until Springfield Armory, Inc. began manufacturing their own.