Is Viper a good winch?

Is Viper a good winch?

Overall this so far is a very good winch for the money, it is rated at 2500 lbs, I would recommend this winch for the money.

Are Viper winches waterproof?

VIPER MAX winches also carry the official IP67 waterproof rating — a claim not made by any other winch in the market. Manufactured in a ISO/TS 16949 Facility with military grade raw materials, it is a great winch for snowplowing and mudding with ATV and UTVs.

Are Tyt winches any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Good product from a great company! The build quality of the winch is very good. Will not react to the wireless remote control, but it can be used with a wired remote control.

Is a 3000 lb winch enough for UTV?

A 3500 lb. winch will work in some circumstances, but if you dip down into the 3000 lb. range or lower, you might find yourself equipped with a winch that just doesn’t have the pulling power that you need. If you own a UTV on the heavier side of the spectrum, you might want to set the minimum even higher than that.

What is the strongest winch?

It’s no secret that Warn makes some powerful winches for all sorts of applications. However, our latest winches are above and beyond anything we’ve ever made. Introducing the WARN Olympus 22 and WARN Olympus 25 with 22,000 lb.

What can a 2500 lb winch pull?

So how much weight can a 2,500 pound winch pull? A 2,500lb winch can pull a 7,500lb truck out of a tuff spot.

How much can a 3500 lb winch pull?

Trailer Winch Capacity

Rated Line Pull (RLP) Slope Percent
10 percent 100 percent
2,500 lbs 12,563 lbs. 3,213 lbs.
3,000 lbs 15,075 lbs 3,854 lbs
3,500 lbs 17,588 lbs 4,499 lbs

Where are super winches made?

Superwinch San Dimas, CA. Superwinch develops, and manufactures Winches, Hoists and supporting accessory products for Global Consumer and Industrial markets.