On what note does the poem daffodils end?

On what note does the poem daffodils end?

In the final stanza, the poet describes the memory that he has acquired as he walked past the valleys and hills covered with daffodils. It was so beautiful a memory that it comes to the mind of the poet as living as it was when he saw it. He is not present at these valleys and hills right now.

What is the message of the poem daffodils by William Wordsworth?

Answer: The theme of the poem is Nature’s Beauty with a mix of Happiness and Loneliness. The Author, Wordsworth is shown to be lonely, but when he thinks back to the Daffodils ‘dancing'(Nature’s beauty) he is happy and content.

What is the summary of daffodils?

Summary of Daffodils The poem was composed in the year 1802. The title of the poem informs about the loneliness of the poet which he faces after the death of his brother. However, the endless view of the golden daffodils in a field across the lake filled him with joy. This view was the greatest gift of nature to him.

How is the theme of nature a source of eternal joy explained in the poem daffodils?

(for more information look the attachment)the poem brings home the idea that nature is a source of eternal Joy nature is full of beauty that captivity has all the time the beautiful objects of nature flower plant in Mountain Lake star the Sun The Moon so on and so forth fill our mind with pleasure in the poem Daffodils …

What do daffodils symbolize?

THE MEANING OF NARCISSUS Daffodils are some of the first flowers we see in springtime and are a great indicator that winter is over. Because of this, they are seen to represent rebirth and new beginnings.

What view of nature is presented through the poem daffodils?

Explanation: The poet feels one with nature. William Wordsworth is a poet whose most of the poems are about nature and we can see that the poem Daffodils is also about his feelings on nature. He expresses his feeling through the poem and makes us understand that he is a nature lover.