What are macros in LaTeX?

What are macros in LaTeX?

In computer jargon, a macro is just a shorthand command that abbreviates a more complicated sequence of commands. For example, LaTeX’s \section macro encodes instructions to leave some vertical space, to increment the section number counter, and to format a section heading.

How do I redefine a macro in LaTeX?

There can be at most 9 parameters. They are referred to in the definition of command by #1 , #2 ,…, #9 . To redefine an already existing command, one has to use \renewcommand . The command \providecommand defines the command only if it does not already exist; otherwise, it does not change its meaning.

How do I add a macro to LyX?

§ Ways to enter math macros

  1. The usual way is to use the graphical interface. Choose Insert->Math->Macro and type into the three boxes provided:
  2. If you have LaTeX definition you can enter this directly as normal text and then convert it.
  3. It can be entered into the LyX mini-buffer.

What is Endcsname?

\endcsname are TEX primitive commands that allow us to define and call macros. Comparing a definition made with and without csname. 1. Making a definition with \csname…\endcsname: \expandafter\def\csname doggie\endcsname{Toy Poodle}

How do you write if in LaTeX?

latex Counters, if statements and loops with latex If statements

  1. Comparing two integers: \ifnum\value{num}>n {A} \else {B}\fi. This code executes A if num>n else B.
  2. If a number is odd: \ifodd\value{num} {A}\else {B}\fi. If num is odd then it executes A else B.
  3. If with condition: \ifthenelse{condition}{A}{B}

What does \relax do LaTeX?

Topic is solved. \relax does nothing. However, it is unexpandable. In some situations TeX expands commands until it reaches an unexpandable command, that’s why \relax can be used to stop expansion or to indicate the end of a command.

Is LaTeX a markup language?

The LaTeX system is a markup language that handles typesetting and rendering, and can be arbitrarily extended by using the underlying macro language to develop custom macros such as new environments and commands.

How do you write math in LYX?

To insert math use the menu Insert→Math→Inline Formula (shortcut Ctrl+m). This inserts a small blue box which will contain the formula. Note that the math toolbar pops up automatically if the cursor is in a math box.