What are the principles of Cmam?

What are the principles of Cmam?

There are four principles that should guide CMAM programs:

  • Maximum coverage and access.
  • Timeliness.
  • Appropriate malnutrition care.
  • Care for as long as it is needed.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of nutrition Programmes?

An advantage is control over what you eat. A nutrition program ensures you are eating what your body needs and limits the amount of unnecessary fat you may eat. A disadvantage is that you aren’t as free. A nutrition program limits you, so there isn’t as much room for you to choose what to eat.

How is severe acute malnutrition diagnosed?

Severe acute malnutrition is defined by very low weight-for-height/length (Z- score below -3 SD of the median WHO child growth standards), or a mid-upper arm circumference < 115 mm, or by the presence of nutritional oedema.

What is moderate malnutrition?

In children aged 6–59 months, moderate acute malnutrition is defined as moderate wasting (i.e. weight-for-height between –3 and –2 Z-scores of the WHO Child Growth Standards median) and/or mid-upper-arm circumference (MUAC) greater or equal to 115 mm and less than 125 mm.

How will you identify Sam baby?

Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is identified by severe wasting WFH < -3 z-score for children 0-59 months (or for children 6-59 months, MUAC <115 mm) or the presence of bilateral pitting edema.

What is nutrition OTP?

OTP – Out Patient Therapeutic Program. RUTF – Ready-To-Use-Therapeutic Food. SAM – Severe Acute Malnutrition. SC – Stabilization Center. TFU – Therapeutic Feeding Unit.

What is outpatient therapeutic program?

Outpatient Therapeutic feeding Program (OTP) brings the services for management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) closer to the community by making services available at decentralized treatment points within the primary health care settings, through the use of ready-to-use therapeutic foods, community outreach and …

What is SAM and MAM in nutrition?

Globally, approximately 33 million children under five years of age are affected by moderate acute malnutrition (MAM), defined as a weight-for-height z-score (WHZ) between -2 and -3, and at least 19 million children under five by severe acute malnutrition (SAM), defined as a WHZ of <-3.

What is GAM rate?

Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) is a measurement of the nutritional status of a population that is often used in protracted refugee situations. Along with the Crude Mortality Rate, it is one of the basic indicators for assessing the severity of a humanitarian crisis.

How is Sam and MAM calculated?

How do we estimate case load for SAM and / or MAM in children 6 – 59 months in a given time period? A common approach to this problem is to use the formula: case load = N × P × K × C where: N is the size of the population in the program area.

What is the meaning of feeding program?

School feeding programmes are defined as interventions that deliver a meal or snack to children in the school setting, with the intent of improving attendance, enrolment, nutritional status and learning outcomes.

What is the full meaning of Cmam?

Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition

What is therapeutic feeding?

Therapeutic Feeding Programmes (TFPs) are to rehabilitate severely malnourished persons. The main aim is to reduce excess mortality. In most emergency situations, the majority of those with severe wasting2 are young children.

What is supplementary feeding program?

Supplementary Feeding Program (SFP) is the provision of food in addition to the regular meals to children currently enrolled in the day care centers as part of the DSWD’s contribution to the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program of the government.

What is blanket supplementary feeding?

Blanket supplementary feeding. In which a supplementary ration is provided to everyone in an identified vulnerable group (e.g. children under five or women of child-bearing age) for a defined period in order to prevent deterioration in nutritional status.

How do you calculate GAM?

GAM provides information on the percentage of all children in this age range in a refugee population who are classified with low weight-for-height and/or oedema. It is obtained by combining the number of children in this age range who have moderate acute malnutrition and severe acute malnutrition.

What does BSFP mean?

Blanket Supplementary Feeding Program (BSFP). Blanket supplementary feeding program is set so as to provide a food supplement to all members of a. particular group like all children under 5 years, pregnant and lactating women. When to implement BSFP? Usually started when 20% or more of children are malnourished or.

What is the normal Muac?

MUAC Resources – Sources for MUAC straps MUAC of between 110mm (11.0cm) and 125mm (12.5cm), RED COLOUR (3-colour Tape) or ORANGE COLOUR (4-colour Tape), indicates Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM). The child should be immediately referred for supplementation.

How do you prepare for an outreach program?

How to launch a successful community outreach strategy?

  1. Conduct a needs assessment.
  2. Identify and know your issue.
  3. Set a goal.
  4. Create a list of stakeholders.
  5. Develop a strategy.
  6. Build a Coalition and start engaging with key decision-makers.
  7. Craft and refine our message.
  8. Tailor it across channels.